maze runner !!!!!!

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In a maze where no one knows,  a conveyer belt came up with a strange looking man.  For starters he didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t know his name, he didn’t know his age. He looked around and didn’t recognise anything.  He found a load of random strangers who were staring at him for no reason with electric poles and spears surrounding him.  He ran into the maze to find a way out until some little boy jumped on him and pulled him away.  He was trying to climb up the cold stony wall of the maze which was as tall as a sky-scraper.  He found a 1,000 foot ladder and climbed up it to the top.  He looked around and couldn’t find anything until he recognised something….

He found one of his old mates stranded up there knocked unconscious clutching a diamond sword!  He was pleased to see him but how did he get up there?  He called out his friends name and then he found a bucket of water and chucked it on his friends face who suddenly woke up. He didn’t know who Tom was so he asked ‘who are you?’ in a very deep voice.  He said ‘it is me, Tom.’  He said ‘Tom, really, is it you?’  The both climbed down the ladder when suddenly he saw a griever (a dangerous bug with robot legs and venomous jaws). They ran and used the diamond sword to slice of the beasts head.  They found a bulb which opened a door to escape the maze.  They went through the door and ran to a safe base…



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  1. Joseph A says:

    Great blog! OH I’ve got a question for you Ollie. What age could he be if everybody knew his age? was the sword in a stone? if I was you I would put the sword in the stone to make it exiting! so think about that. Apart from that PAT ON THE BACK!!! At America its another story… its… THUNDERING/ RAINING 🙁 But good blog!


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