but what if I was in charge?

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If I was in charge, I would let every child in ¬†wildground school to go back home or I would get all the teachers go home and let the children rule the school and do whatever they want. When I’m at home I would say to¬†my mum ”Mum you should go out with your friends and I can get someone to look after me and Callum” .Or I would give my mum a challenge to say yes to everything what me and callum say and wail about what we want . If I could persuade my mum to give me what I want.

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  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Poppie,

    I love the fact that you want everybody, including your Mum to enjoy themselves. I wonder how long would you like to always be at ho e and given everything you want. Would you get bored?

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