If I was in charge!

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The world is already fine. But what if I was in charge?

The first new law I’d make would be that children get to choose what time they go into school but they have to be in school for at least 6hours each day but they only have to come into school 3days a week. I’d make it so that there is no boss. Adults wouldn’t be in charge of their children. there would be no boss. Everyone would be in charge of no one apart from them self’s. I’d make there be a rule that anything that comes out on the Xbox 1 would have to come out on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 1s. I would make in a fair world were there is no arguments or wars. Just peace. There would be snow every day.

I personally think that the world would be a lot better this way.

2 responses to “If I was in charge!”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    What a great world, no fighting or war is most people’s dream. I also love the idea of us being in charge of ourselves but that is such a huge responsibility, are we up to it, I wonder.

  2. Katelin says:

    To james
    like your blog it really made me laugh

    from summer and katelin yr 4

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