Rollercoaster Fun

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I love this world but what if I was in charge?  I would change every house to be a Toys-r-us store and McDonalds.  I would make it snow every day so that I could surf board on the snow with my friends called Zach and Tilly. We will ride on ginormous rollercoasters that I’m not allowed to ride on yet because I’m too small.  We will get F1 cars and drive them on the road even though we are not old enough to drive and Zach and Tilly will use their paws to steer.

5 responses to “Rollercoaster Fun”

  1. Amelia 100 wc says:

    Wow i wish you were in charge that sounds great! I especially like the part at the end about using paws to steer. Great job!

  2. Joseph A says:

    Harely, that was 100% proof THAT YOU COULD BE ONE OF THE BEST BLOGGERS EVER!!!!!! Oh right I think you are already… THINK ABOUT IT… McDonalds and Toys R us in every single step you go!!!!!!

    If I had a gift card and I was at Toys R Us buying something at the till, I would tell him/her your blog *CLAP! CLAP!*

    From The only F1 lover you know who is… oh you can see by who wrote that thing

    BY JOE (now that was real!!)

  3. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Harvey,

    I really liked reading this. I particularly loved the ending when I discovered your friends were cats, or maybe dogs.

  4. Izzy P says:

    Wow! such an amazing post!

  5. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Harley,
    I absolutely loved the twist at the end of your blog when we discovered that your friends are actually dogs. I have never seen a snow boarding dog or even a dog driving! I’m sure there are many children who would like every house to be a toy shop.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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