Dough mashers

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Once opon a time there was a happy family one child one mum and one dad .There dad was a dough crusher, the mum was a sower so she sows dresses and the boy was a farmer, the boy’s name was called Michael the mum was called Rebeca and the dad was called John . One day an old lady came to the cottage to give them a special rose but John didn’t take the offer so she cursed the family and every night they will turn into stone , but he fallen to his knees and tried to take the offer after she told him the concequence.]:


2 responses to “Dough mashers”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Elijah,

    What a tragic end for this happy family. If only he had accepted the special rose. This sounds like the start of a magical fairy tale. I hope there is a happy ending in the next instalment.

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    What a pity John didn’t take the rose, Elijah. I always accept gifts of flowers – they’re too lovely to say no to!

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