bob, Stewart and Kevin

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there was three people named bob Stewart and Kevin they used to be humans but there was a witch who put a spell on the three boys that was homeless but what she said was ” I make you rich boys ” and so they said” that they want to get a house so then they will not be homeless but the witch had other ideas to turn them into stone like medusa which is weird but the witch was happy that they were out of her way.

3 responses to “bob, Stewart and Kevin”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Callum,

    How mean was the witch duping these poor homeless boys. I hope she gets her comeuppance.

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    Well done Callum. What a nasty witch.

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Callum, what a clever idea to have a witch with powers like Medusa in your story, it made it exciting to read. I feel really sorry for poor Bob, Kevin and Stuart! Perhaps you could improve your blog by breaking it up into sentences? Well done for making sure you finished and published this week.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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