Little Canada

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Wow! Little Canada is lovely.  Survived my first night! 🙂 All the children have been enjoying different activities since we arrived along with their team leaders.  Problem solving for me and my group this morning which was very challenging at times but we conquered it (well almost!) lol

The weather is absolutely gorgeous which was fab for Bethany as she celebrates her birthday today and waking at 5.30am was a bit of a shock to the system!!  My team are in the swimming pool now so have a little time to report on blog although having problems with the downloading of pictures so will attempt later!

Everyone is happy and food is great not one child has had an empty plate as so much choice so no need to worry mums and dads they are eating 🙂 me too!!

Right off to collect my group from the pool and then for lunch 🙂 yum – Mrs J (Jane)


2 responses to “Little Canada”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Happy Birthday Bethany. Really great to hear you are having such an amazing time. We are all very jealous.
    We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you come back to school next week.

    Mrs Hall

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    We are thrilled you are enjoying Little Canada.

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