Walking to school (part two)action!!

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I can’t believe what happened to me last week when I saw a red snake that was looking peckish.all I did was walk away.But, it happend  to me today. So, it’s Monday again, I was walking to school with my friend Amiee.We were talking about things we did on the weekend when we came across Mrs Adlleton that had cycled on the road.Beside me wheel was a cat. The catlike very how can you say it uh uh ….ravenous. Before we knew it, the cat ate the red snake in one whole. That was werid . Then we got to school. We looked at the clock and it was the end of the day.So I spent my whole day walking to school  I am out of my mind .

(Please don’t happen tomorow ) please please. Oh wait i just realised its going to happen tomorow Horay ( I am not exited at all)

bye see you for another Werid day walking to school.


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  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Grace I love the idea of a peckish cat swallowing a snake in one gulp. What a way to spend a school day.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Grace, I would love a day when I make a journey to school only to find that the clock has struck home time as, I suspect, would Mrs Hall and Miss Smith! I love the way you used the adjective ‘ravenous’ to describe the hungry cat.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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