The snake bike (and the secret hand part 3 the little girl who went missing)

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One day there was a boy” NO” “Why are you stopping me” “Because it’s not a boy” “Oh, sorry. Goodbye.” ” lets get down to writing”

One day a young girl, whose name was Lilly,  bike and she had a small pet snake, called ham, in the basket of her bike. She loved cycling with ham, he liked it too. Lilly always took Ham out with her and never left him behind. EVER. Ham was her best friend. Until she went missing. Then Ham didn’t come out of his cage. He didn’t eat, sleep or move at all. Then he got ill and kept getting more and more ill. Unfortunately, when Lilly returned Ham was……Dead. Lilly was devastated but there was nothing she could do.

2 responses to “The snake bike (and the secret hand part 3 the little girl who went missing)”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Good Morning Mya,

    What a well written tragedy. Like Romeo Ham appears to have died of a broken heart. So sad.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Mya,
    I felt so sorry for poor Ham who, in all reality, has died of a broken heart! If only Lilly had returned sooner. I wonder where she had been – it must have been serious to part her from her beloved pet!
    Mrs Addleton

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