look for the hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The hand is looking for people to be its slaves, it’s looking for you. In the school, there are posters of the hand. The hand looks like a face was printed on to a hand and was painted pink.The hand is actually really scary in real life and will try to turn you into a slave.

5 responses to “look for the hand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Brian says:

    Hello Amelie. I have only just read your blog about the hand and I like the way you describe it. This hand does look very bossy as though it wants to be in charge. I’m glad it didn’t get you. I surely wouldn’t want to be one of its slaves. Good idea. Well done.

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    Super blogging Amelie. It’s all quite scary!

  3. Yanalie Stevens says:

    Hi Amelie,

    Congratulations on your entry. I thought that you started your writing with a great hook; the idea that the hand is looking for me is quite scary!

    Well done!

  4. Andrew Paterson says:

    I enjoyed reading your very descriptive Blog. I too would be worried about being captured by the hand and I was intrigued by the idea it was looking for slaves, a very scary thought! A really good effort , well done Amelie.

  5. Mrs Addleton says:

    Amelie, this is fantastic and a massive well done to you for learning how to blog this afternoon and then writing and publishing this from home. What a brilliant idea that the hand is looking for slaves; its face does look very sinister and mean! I’m hoping he doesn’t get you because it would be lovely to read more of your blogs.
    4 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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