The gifted child called Hugh

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Once upon a time,the was a child called Hugh and he was a gifted child.    He had the power to eat anything in the world. He can even eat a tank in one gulp. but he met his match when he came across a food that he couldn’t eat. It was a big mac from McDonalds and when he ate one he would puke everywhere and the fly into his house where his mother tells him off for eating a big mac.

2 responses to “The gifted child called Hugh”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Jack,

    I was really drawn into this blog by the idea of having the ability to eat anything, even a tank. I even quite liked that it had such an ordinary ending.
    Unfortunately for me the quality of this blog does not match some of your earlier texts.
    Try to read your blog checking the basics, punctuation and for missing words before publishing.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Jack, it’s wonderful that you can blog from home and I think I know who your blog is about which surprises me because he certainly doesn’t look like someone who over eats! A few things to remember when blogging: check you don’t change tense – you have switched from past to present here; remember your blog is a chance to showcase your best writing – consider your original ending and remember people from all over the world will read it!
    1 house point
    Mrs Addleton

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