The hand that found out its gender

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Once in 1,000,000 years a hand will be born into this planet called “earth.” When the hand is born it seeks its own gender so it can fulfil its destiny even though it is cross-gender. So carrying on from the story the said hand seeks wisdom from the great tree of genderness. When the hand gets to the great tree of genderness they need to answer a question and that said question is “Do you like Minecraft?” And all the hands say yes and they find out┬átheir gender┬ábut if the hand says no it gets burned in a pit of fire.

6 responses to “The hand that found out its gender”

  1. Kate Wilson says:

    Well Jack, you did make me laugh! Quite a twist at the end! I’m hoping most hands like Minecraft as it keeps them really busy!

  2. Gina Ruffcorn says:

    Hello Jack,

    Your story was uniquely creative. The way you phrased your thoughts and the vocabulary you chose gave the tale a regal, epic type feeling. The tone of the piece seemed grand and noble. The first part of the piece was fresh and original.
    As a way to make your writing even better, my suggestion is to not give up on your imagination. The last few sentences detracted from one of the best challenge pieces I have read in quite some time. I wish you would have given more thought and creativity to the ending. It would have been a showcase nomination for me.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts,
    Gina Ruffcorn (Team 100, Iowa USA)

  3. Andrew Paterson says:

    Hello Jack, I was fascinated by your style of writing which I found both descriptive and informative. Your setting of a world where hands seek to discover their Gender was also intriguing so it was a little disappointing to find your story ending abruptly. Do try go develop your themes a little more.

  4. Hugh O says:

    this was a hilarious blog. Well done Jack!!!!!!

  5. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Jack,
    Congratulations on publishing, what I think might be, your first blog. Your idea was very unusual. Did you get inspiration whilst trying to decide if it was a male or female hand? I enjoyed reading your story and wanted to read more although I found the ending a bit abrupt – were you in a rush to publish? Make sure you give proper nouns like Earth a capital letter.
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

  6. Cameron H says:

    hahahah I love it

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