In the begging of the end #part2

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 Jess and I were devastated at the result of the tsunami. ” Why are we living here. We should be with grandma Sue not here .”I  exclaimed “Soon we will be out of this dump “replied Jess. But That night I felt hope even though a tragedy happen just a few weeks ago, I felt weird. I ran to jess’s room “Are you ok what’s happened? Are you thinking of mum and dad! “Jess said worryingly “No  I just feel funny, I feel hope, I think Mum and Dad are still alive!” I said to Jess she thought I was silly but I think it is true

I know it ……….

3 responses to “In the begging of the end #part2”

  1. Gabby's Grandma -Sue de Carteret and Grandad Shane says:

    Wow, how are they going to find mum and dad, or will mum and dad find them? Does grandma Sue know what has happened? Will she go to look for them all? Can’t wait for next instalment. x

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    Love this instalment especially the ‘ hope’. I am now eagerly awaiting the follow up.
    Keep writing you have a knack for hooking your reader.

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Gabby, how wonderful that you have created the second part of your blog from home. I wonder if the girls are in fact orphans or perhaps gut instint is telling the girl the truth? Your use of punctuation in this blog makes it so much easier to read and follow which enables your readers to empathise with the girls.
    Big well done and have another house point!
    Mrs Addleton

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