the boy who ate fire !!!

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In the beginning there was a boy called Oli. He was small and had chestnut brown hair . He had blue eyes and a brown splodge in his left eye covering 1/5 of it. He ate fire.He didn’t die. HE BECAME FIRE BOY!!!!!

From Atlanta Sole

Author’s note:

This a very special story for Oliver Scott . He didn’t die by eating fire I have no idea for this prompt this week so I did a very short story.  I hope you find this very short story funny.

4 responses to “the boy who ate fire !!!”

  1. Abby R says:

    LoL I feel very sorry for Oli but it was very funny and I hope the authors note is true !!!!!!

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    Haha, having read your previous blogs the thought of you having no idea what to write made me chuckle. I am convinced you will be overflowing with ideas before long.
    I was glad Oli survived as I really enjoy reading his blogs.

  3. James says:

    Hi Atlanta,
    I have read your blog and I think it is quite funny. I have read your over blogs as well and like them to.

  4. Mrs Addleton says:

    I’m glad you made those last miniute changes Atlanta, it has been useful chatting about what is the right type of thing to post in a school blog, even if it’s fictional. It’s brilliant that you have incorporated Olivers great saga into your own blog.
    Mrs Addleton

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