Rules Arent For Everyone

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hi , I’m rules aren’t for everyone or Rafe.  I lost my brother from cancer a few years ago, since then I have been transferred to 5 different schools , this is the only school left that will take me. So far I’m going great, but my stupid head-teacher destroyed my sketch book , but before my brother died I got given  one from him :(. I miss him :(. But there’s nothing I can do about that . I also have a sassy sister, she call our moms boyfriend bear, so do I . Our moms bf is called carl and my sis says “carl rhymes with snarl  which is something bears do!”.

4 responses to “Rules Arent For Everyone”

  1. Oli S says:

    Atlanta’s soooooooooo AWSOME!!

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    This grabbed my attention Atlanta. It was such a sudden change of tone to all the other recent blogs. I instantly felt engaged with the character and wanted to read more. The informal/text style was relevant for a young persons diary but make sure you still use capitals to start sentences & names. I loved the straight faced humour about the bear references. Well done.
    Mrs Addleton

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