The Gifted – Part 10

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Last time on 4 Elements, the 3 Elements got them selves in a hot pursuit and technically kidnapped a man. They took him to the head quarters but does he actually have powers. Find out today!

“Whoo hoo, that is what you call fun!” Shouted Blaze. They speed back to the head quarters. Once they get there they drag him inside and tie him up to a chair and wait. And wait. And waaait, Until he finally wakes up. “Hey what the?!” Questions in an angry voice. They have a long conversation…

A long time after, the 3 Elements ask the man to focus and so he does, a short burst of water heads towards Blaze and Gust Jumps in front and blows the water into a fountain knocking the angel  statues head off. “Call me Stream.” States the man. One of the other Cowboys mutters under his breath “I can’t live like this!” He then runs towards the edge of a cliff and jumps but Blaze runs over and grabs his hand but he falls so Gust holds his hand and Gust falls so Rock grabs his hand and Rock also falls but guess what, Stream grabs Rocks hand and pulls him up but when the get up they are still holding hands and something truly memorable happens… *Flash, Boom, Crash!*


8 responses to “The Gifted – Part 10”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    I loved reading this series of blogs. At first I was worried it would be like the Gifted TV show but you have written an original series which could be a TV show in its own right.

    • Oli S says:

      Yea I have watched the Gifted on TV and was inspired. Then I started to blog.
      I wanted to do a elemental series but there was no other name apart from Gifted. :0

  2. Atlanta S says:

    I’m so lost

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    You have left me guessing what might be the next set of events in this apocalyptic western – perhaps Blaze falls into the sea and sets it boiling, followed by Gust who causes a tsunami of scalding water and Rock who gives rise to an earthquake. Maybe my imagination is running away with me but you’ve certainly made me think which is what all my favourite authors do.
    Mrs Addleton

    • Oli S says:

      Haha. You wont know until Christmas day but in the mean time, i will probably relax or do a diary of a real crazy dream i had last night…

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