The Gifted – Part 9

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Last time on 4 Elements, Rock, Gust and Blaze all became friends and set off to find other Elemental humans. After a long drive they finally found a man on a water fountain parade and he was ‘dancing’. Was he dancing or is he the 4th Element… Find out today!

“Hey is that him?” Asks Blaze. “I think so…” Stutters Rock. After an hour of parading the 3 Elements stalk the man to his car where they run in front of it and yell “STAY THERE!” The man quickly starts to drive knocking Rock off his feet. Is this a sign that he has powers or his he simply running away from craziness?

The 3 Elements take a pre-owned car that used to be a race car and tails the man. At this point they are both going over 100 MPH on a motorway. Suddenly the sound of sirens go from faint to ear piercing. Now it has turned more into a street race then a tail. After a few minutes of speeding both cars have got away and the 3 Elements safely immobilise the other car causing the man to stop on a side ally. The 3 Elements take out the unconscious man and put him in his car where they take him back to the head quarters…


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Oh no, I hope to goodness that this man is not an ordinary, unsuspecting member of the public. These cowboys are certainly hardened criminals having committed robbery, assault, road traffic offences, evading the law and kidnapping! I hope justice prevails.
    Mrs Addleton

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