the streets of Southampton – part 6

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he approached the metal caravan:

“Hello ????” shouted Oliver nervously .

“hi,” replied the beautiful girl.” I thought u gave up, I’m Attie !”. They sat down and chatted for a bit “I want you to come to Texas with me , chasing adventures and travelling the world. I want you to be my soul mate !” begged Oliver . ” I cant I’m sorry!” Attie said ,”Why not ,” Questioned Oliver ” I just cant I’m sorry , I don’t know you enough!” replied Attie . ” I did this for nothing ?” Oliver said .” no I was thinking you could stay here and I could get to know you more!”Attie said . ” Its a plan !” Oliver replied

So Oliver did find his dream girl and spent the rest of the 2 weeks there spending quality time with Attie.

the end!

4 responses to “the streets of Southampton – part 6”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Would you like me to alter the title to say part 6?

  2. Atlanta S says:

    sorry I forgot this is a part 6 or the ending #part6

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Ahh. What a lovely ending. I thought Attie was really sensible and, although for a second I thought Oli was going to get nasty, I was glad that he saw reason. I hope they enjoy their romantic weekend getaway in the metal caravan although, I hope with all the money Oli must have, he might treat Atti to warmer climes, perhaps the Maldives next time.
    I have really enjoyed your story Atlanta.
    3 festive house points for 2018 and a big ho ho ho!
    Mrs Addleton.

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