the streets of Southampton- part 5

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Oliver opened door number 2 …

On the wall was the number 2 to 6. He studied the numbers carefully ,especially number 2. As he studied number  2 ,he instantly figured out the next place to go! It was the magic show.

When he entered , he got given a mysterious  envelope .  He opened it and it read ” don’t give up now your close this is clue 6″ he didn’t know he skipped all the other clues . The clue shown a picture , it was a metal caravan that you could rent for the weekend. straight away he headed there.

Could this be his dream girl, or a set up?

2 responses to “the streets of Southampton- part 5”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    This is starting to sound like he could be heading into a trap! Don’t foget you’re is the contraction of you are – don’t accidentally use your. It’s nit-picking but check out the spacing I have used in this comment to help you get the spacing assciated with full stops and commas because this will really improve presentation. I hope Oli has a friend he can tell where he is going in case he gets into trouble in the caravan. I wonder what the girl of his dreams is going to be like.
    Mrs Addleton

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