The Gifted – Part 7

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy showed his true power and another Cowboy claimed to have powers. Was this just to sound cool or do others really hold powers too… Find out today!

*Smash* The rock split into tiny pieces floating in the air and a big gust of wind went their way. “Looks like your Earth.” Commented the other Cowboy. “I’m known as gust, I’m Air type.””W..w..w..whoa!” Stuttered The Ultimate Cowboy. Gust spent the rest of the afternoon just teaching The Ultimate Cowboy how to focus on anger and control his powers. ‘5 hours later’ “Thanks for the training, call me Rock.” Stated The Ultimate Cowboy “Ok…see you later, Rock.”

In the morning Rock went straight to Gust and they had a long chat… “Hey, do you think there are other people with, powers out there?” Questioned Gust. “I Dunno… Only one way to find out…” Exclaimed Rock…

2 responses to “The Gifted – Part 7”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Why do I get the feeling there might be more to this tale? Who has fire and water powers? I hope they are goodies!
    Mrs Addleton

    • Oli S says:

      Well there is only one way to find out…
      Also for the first 10 parts it is about elemental powers but for the next ones after 10 it is about any type of powers whether healing or dark or teleportation…

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