The Gifted – Part 4

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Cowboys got into their getaway vehicle and fled many miles away until the Ultimate Cowboy Shouted STOP THE VAN. Why did he do this, was it on purpose?Find out today!

The Ultimate Cowboy gets out the van and Exclaimes “Did anybody realise what happened back there?!” “I made rocks fly!” “Maybe i should try it again just to see.” So The Ultimate Cowboy Looks at a building and raises his hand except this time, nothing happens…

“What, work!” He drops his hand down by his side and raises it upĀ  again but nothing happens. “Ugh, It was just a coincidence!” So The Cowboys hop back in the van and furiously drive back to the head quarters. Once they get there The Ultimate Cowboy sits down in disbelief…

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    How frustrating to think you have a super power & then realise perhaps you don’t!
    Mrs Addleton

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