Truly Sad – Part 2

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“Jack!” Shouts his mum. “We need to go!” Jack turns off his phone and runs down the stairs, out the door and gets in the car. Jack can’t wait to go to the party! Jack takes out his phone and goes onto messages:

Jane: Jack!

Jack: What, I was getting ready for the party

Jane: As I said, I need to tell you something…

Jack: Sorry, I’m here. Tell me later

Jane: No Jack

Jane: Jack!

Jane: Let me tell you, Please, Jack!

Jane: It’s very important!

One response to “Truly Sad – Part 2”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    And so the saga continues. I await part three.
    I am so impressed you pay attention to your punctuation, it makes the blog easy to follow.

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