The tiger family

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Once there was a tiger family . There was a daddy called calm and he likes chocolate . Also there was a mummy called Ellie and she likes grass . Lastly there is two kids called Connor and Taylor . they were a lovey family all together . One day Ellie  went searching out for food . She found some red juicy berries for the family to eat until she heard some humans stomping  THEY WERE HUNTERS ! Elie ran as fast as she could but the hunters killed  here and ran away. There family have no been waiting for ages so calm went searching for the mummy and found her dead he was horrified.


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    This was a sad tale Demi but unfortunately a reality that many species that are hunted by humans face. Don’t forget that names need capital letters and ‘their’ is for belonging whilst ‘there’ is for direction. This blog was the most interesting to read because you used lots of different sentence starters. You also chose some special vocabulary, in particular I liked the word ‘stomping’.
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    Mrs Addleton

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