Mr sandwitch

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once there was a sandwich that needed batteries really bad for his new toy remote control car.The sandwitch was made with white bread.

Luckly he was very energetic .He was exra  energetic becease  he really wanted the batteries for his remote control car that he got for his birthday.


whenever he wanted to get something and there was only 1 left he always  hurried to get it before someone else does. He was so determined to get them for his car . But he saw a golden hot wheels remote control car it was 3 feet long and 2 feet tall MUM PRETTY PLEASE.

6 responses to “Mr sandwitch”

  1. Katelin says:

    hi summer very good blog I liked all of it

    From Katelin

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    Well done on your first blog, Summer. I can just imagine that pleading voice at the end!

  3. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello Summer,

    Very clever first blog. I imagined Mr Sandwich as quite small. If he gets his huge remote control car will he be using it to transport himself and Mamma sandwich around, I wonder.

  4. william says:

    Hi Summer

    I like the ending of your blog.

    However you need to remember your capital letters at the start of sentences.

    I hope to see another 100 WC from you next week.

  5. charlie says:

    hi summer I like your blog

  6. Mrs Addleton says:

    WOW, your first blog – well done! You did really well coming up with a story that contained that strange collection of words. Breaking up your blog into paragraphs made it easy to read. Next time think about using some commas to break up your sentences as well. I loved your punchline at the end – I hope Mrs Sandwich’s mum is feeling generous!
    I can’t wait to see more blogs from you Summer,
    Mrs Addleton
    2 house points

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