The mysterious black suit

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Is it from star wars? it is a mysterious man in a black suit, over the years he grew older he. He didn’t have any money or he didn’t have a home either, he learnt this special skill he used. He used it to make any electronic turn of and not work ever again.┬áhe sold DVDs what he either stole or found and not get arrested. one day he did something really bad, he learned this skill to take someone’s soul to make him stronger and take control of that person┬áto use he became really strong and took over the whole town.

6 responses to “The mysterious black suit”

  1. Mrs Venables says:

    should say ‘read’ through, a prime example !!!

  2. Mrs Venables says:

    Crikey Josh, not sure your character is someone I would ever want to bump into, I wouldn’t like him to take my soul. What could happen next? Is there someone who could control or best the evil character?
    Just would say, have a quick re through before you post to make sure it all makes 100% sense.
    Looking forward to your next one :).

  3. Mrs Dibben says:

    You describe a very sinister character, I can almost feel his icy tentacles creeping towards me.

  4. Kate Wilson says:

    Gosh Josh- your blog is quite frightening. Maybe he’s immortal and he’ll be around forever. I hope I don’t run into him. Hope your new to blog is less scary! Remember those capital letters – they help your readers a lot. Well done

  5. Andrew Paterson says:

    Hello Josh,
    I’m in Greenville in South Carolina USA. I’ve just read your blog about a really nasty character. It was most intriguing and caused a few goose bumps! My tip would be carefully ‘read through your work before posting it. However a good story. well done

  6. Mrs Addleton says:

    Your hooded figure is definately not one that I would like to meet. He is a truly evil character if he takes peoples souls and uses them to make himself stronger. Have a read through and make sure you have put capital letters at the start of all your sentences – this is a really important thing to remember. Another tip for your blogging is to make sure you know when to use the hard sounding ‘of’ (like a piece of cake) and when you need to use the softer sounding ‘off’ (when you turn something off). Lots of people get muddled up with this! I wonder what he is going to do when he takes control of the town? Is he planning to take over the world?
    From Mrs Addleton

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