eclipse of the tree dwellers

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I was walking through the forest one day, with a friend, when he nudged me and said that “I saw a statue move” , so I replied with “umm no there are no sta…” I stopped there WAS a statue and it WAS moving I ran when I turned around my friend was gone! I stood there wondering where he went until I heard a very girly scream like a dying cow, it was him  I ran until I could  see him, I saw him but he was a statue suddenly, a cold hand grabbed me and dragged me away…

6 responses to “eclipse of the tree dwellers”

  1. Kian B says:

    I love dat

  2. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello George, a truly frightening tale.
    I wonder will you also be turned to stone or will
    you be able to unfreeze your friend

    I love your evocative description of the scream.

  3. Zuhal Omar says:

    A gripping tale with a real twist, well done George. There were a few unnecessary pronouns but otherwise it was a pleasure to read and easily understood.
    Congratulations and greeting from United States of America

  4. Mrs Addleton says:

    Another fast paced, action packed blog from you George. I was really looking forward to seeing what imaginative ideas you came up with this time and you didn’t dissapoint. You created tension in the characters direct speech by using an ellipsis and you made good use of uppercase letters to emphasise their disbelief that there really was a moving statue. You have effectively used a wide range of punctuation throughout your blog, however I think the last sentence could be improved by a bit of punctuation, perhaps breaking it into a few short sentences which authors often use to create tension. I hope that what ever dragged you away saved you – how would you blog next weeks 100wc if you were a statue?
    From Mrs Addleton

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