I just robbed my old house!!!

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Image result for cartoon robber at a houseI don’t like my parents so I just robbed them!!!!

When I was younger  they treated me like a baby until I was 19. I was so angry when  I was 19 they and they both had augment  disowned me and throw me out onto the streets and I lived on the street for about 2 seconds, because my mum felt bad.

So now I have my old PS2, XBOX360 and my 65 INCH TV!!!Ops now you probably know I am rich well my parents are anyway, so I am going to try and rob my best thing of all, my mums and dads rings and sell them. But where would I hide it all? I have found places to hide my PS2 and my XBOX360. but what about my 65 INCH TV!!!!!

5 responses to “I just robbed my old house!!!”

  1. Omar Naji says:

    A very amusing tale Harvey which was a pleasure to read despite a few spelling errors and repeated words. Keep up the good work. Well done from USA

  2. Mrs Taylor says:

    I love the last line Harvey- real comedy line at the end!!

    So just re-read sentence three and break it into separate sentences- there are too many ‘and’s in it. I also don’t know why you have two ‘they’??

    I can’t wait to read next week’s blog!!

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Harvey, the last sentence in your blog was like a punchline and brought a smile to my face as I imagined you trying to hide such as massive television in your own home. I think if you re-read your first paragraph you will agree there are some errors that you could easily correct and make sure you remember that the past tense of ‘throw’ is ‘threw’.

    I know that you have worked on your blog at home in your spare time this week and have enjoyed reading and critiquing some of the other childrens pieces. I’m looking forward to seeing your next 100wc entry.

    From Mrs Addleton

  4. Kate Wilson says:

    Wow Harvey. You need to find somewhere fast! Good luck!

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