No-one knows!

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I am a secret robber and no-one knows and today was one off the creepiest day of my life. To be fair my mom is NOT agreeing on my robbery, but my Dad does so I went to the BANK and got some Gold. I had like 100 police on me so everyone had to RUN for there lives.  I went to do a robbery but I just found out that it was my mom and dads house.  This brings back memories and I was in two minds ether I robbed it or just left it as it is. I had know clue what to do…..

I robbed it but where would we hide it all?

6 responses to “No-one knows!”

  1. Josh McK says:

    very good story kian your best friend josh mcknight

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    I really like your title Kuan and you drew me into your blog really well. Maybe your character could return the stolen things but keep all the gold!

  3. Kian B says:

    thanks for those lovely comments

  4. harvey C says:

    That was really good and I enjoyed it.

  5. Mrs Addleton says:


    You definately grabbed my attention by revealing that you are a secret robber in the start of your blog. I was also intrigued to know why this was the creepiest day of your life. I agree with William that it would not really make sense to steal and hide things from your own house; perhaps you were impatient to publish your first blog and did not double check/edit as thoroughly as you normally would.
    I know that you have given up your break times this week to enter the 100wc! It was lovely to see your enthusiasm to share your blog with such a wide audience. I hope you get plenty of comments and enter another one soon.
    From Mrs Addleton.

  6. william says:

    Good work. I really enjoyed reading your blog No-one Knows! I really like the way that you put some capitals letters in to emphasise what you mean to all the thousands of people that are reading your blog. I really wondered how you just got that much out of the bank. I think you have used “there” instead of their and “know” instead of no. I really wonder why you would rob and hide your own stuff.

    I do not think MY Mum would allow me to just go and rob a bank and my dad would not let me rob either!

    I hope you do another WC next week.


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