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No-one knows!

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I am a secret robber and no-one knows and today was one off the creepiest day of my life. To be fair my mom is NOT agreeing on my robbery, but my Dad does so I went to the BANK and got some Gold. I had like 100 police on me so everyone had to RUN for there lives.  I went to do a robbery but I just found out that it was my mom and dads house.  This brings back memories and I was in two minds ether I robbed it or just left it as it is. I had know clue what to do…..

I robbed it but where would we hide it all?

Bank robbery

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There are ghosts going shopping next to the $$$ bank at midnight I smashed the top window and jumped in.I ran to the big vault and put C4 on in…3….2…..1….. Bang out flew the vault door at me.Luckily my fast reflections helped me dodge the door I filled my bag to the rim with money.As I ran out police were chasing me I jumped in the getaway car and zoomed off police cars were chasing us but we were just faster than them.Finally we escaped we got home and celabrated with a big dinner and beer while were looking at our loot, but where would we hide it all?


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This is a ghost town or is it which county is it in if it is in your lock your doors a hide they look like normal people but are they. In the background that do not realize. Some of the lights are off , so you can see them, some of you will think that they are reflection but some of you will not. It looks like a busy town but most of them are ghosts and are sometimes invisible but in this picture we found them and it look like there heads are chopped off and are dead in our world…

haunted town holiday!

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Since I came into this town feelings of eeriness have been coming into my stomach. I feel this town is haunted. Mum said that this is going to be a ‘family’ holiday but its turning into a nightmare!   first I feel a cold hand on my back, then some thing falls of the shelf when no one was around and finally, some thing brushes past me when no one was there!!!!! its crazy , I need to sweet talk mum for us to go home because otherwise, this is the end of me…

Reflection – Wildground’s Fifth Learning Value

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Children across the federation took part in activities to introduce the fifth learning value of Reflection.  Year 6 spent time re-drafting a picture using positive observations and suggestions from their peers to improve it.

Year 6: Russian Day

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Year 6 celebrated the end of their topic about Russia by taking part in Russian Day.  Dressing up in Russian themed clothes, the children took part in various activities including Russian dancing, art, making Russian dolls, cooking and tasting of traditional Russian dishes.  Parents joining Gazelle and Fossa classes were treated to the childrens’  informative power point presentations about significant physical features in Russia and some of their imaginative folk tales.


Year 6: Salt Dough Leaves

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Year 6 made leaves out of salt dough using observation and fine motor skills to create detailed pieces of art.

Year 6 Bread Making for Harvest Festival

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Year 6 made bread to celebrate harvest festival.

Year 6 Forensics: The Case of the Missing Balls

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The Case of the Missing Balls Science group 390 Science group 393 Science group 397 Science group 410 Science group 412 Science group 413 Science group 427 Science group 428 Science group 431 Science group 440

Spectacular Work Detectives

We used acid testing, chromatography and fingerprints to eliminate the suspects and discover that Mrs Lorrie was the culprit in the case of the missing balls!

Acid, Base or Neutral

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Science group 361 Science group 362 Science group 365 Science group 368

Year 6 tested liquids for acidity.  We examined what might happen if seawater continues increasing in acidity and why it is important that we have calcium in our diet.