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I have a red coat it is so fluffy and it is my favourite coat.   I went to the park with my red coat and I live in a red city.  My bedroom has rosey red walls and a  light red ceiling.  The carpet is soft and a bright red colour.



The strange dream

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Once there was a girl who loved red .She had red cloths and red shoes and even a red dog.Iknow it sounds inpossille but it is not her favourite courlour most favourite was scarlet . One day she went to a town it was a a rosey red town. Even the people in the town were red houses were red shops  she went on plane and she saw the part of a city that wasnt red .It was a mystrey  she went home to see her dog and she was sad .She went on the plane and she looked agian and it wasnt red any more and she woke up and it was a dream

Week 8 100 Word Challenge

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This week we have a 5 word prompt.

These words ALL have to be in your writing but they can be in any order.  They are:

Balloon, Never, Kicked, Brown, Frightening

I will check the blog during half term for any of you that want to write, publish and enter the 100 Word Challenge during the holiday.

Mrs Addleton

The fun day out

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but where did it go she shouted ?  she lost my toy dog she came round my house I gave her my toy to  play with because she lost her she was sad we went to the park she took it on the swing  and then went on the slide then we went home and went to the toilet and had a drink and then went for ice cream  i had mint choclate  ice cream and my friend had strawberry ice cream it was very nice  we went home after that and we played with my dolls we both wanted to have a sleep over  but then my friends mum came to pick her up we begged my friends mum so my friend could have a sleep over and she said yes it was very fun having a sleep over that’s why you should have one







…”But where did it go?” she shouted… week 7 100wc

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There was this girl who wanted to get something but she didn’t for her birthday. The girl was called Laura, she was a very temperamental which means moody, irritable or sensitive. so she got mad very fast i mean very fast within 10 seconds she would just get stressy. But that’s just her personality coming through. Laura can be a real pain in the bottom when it comes to calming down. But she had a favourite toy and it was a barbie doll she was petite and cute. One day she lost her favourite Barbie doll and she said ”But where did it go?” Laura shouted….


It was heavier than I expected…

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Once there was a man who was a just a regular policeman, he wanted to be the strongest man in the world. The man was called Maximus (Max), he had a job which was a policeman . To be a cop you need to be well built but Max wasn’t. He was really skinny not really but he was still skinny. He wanted to be like the chief but he was the biggest out of the lot. His nickname is called shrimpy because he’s scrawny. But one day he thought to himself and said.

” I’m going to workout so then I won’t be called shrimpy. ” He felt so confident in himself… The next day, he went to the gym and got a whole year gym class. So he got in the gym and grabbed the weight and said ” Wow this weight, it was heavier than I expected.” Then Max went to the gym every other day and then it just continued to be his thing.
I know that it might sound very weird but that is the story and byee.


Week 7 100WC

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This week, you have the chance to practice writing speech! The prompt is:

…”but where did it go?” she shouted…

Mrs Addleton

week 5 wc

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There was a tall man who was made of iron he was probably taller than your house. After a long day of being looked at he decided to have a look up at space. He could see millions of twinkling stars all spread across the midnight sky. He couldn’t wait to tell his cousin the iron man .He was the opposite to him because the iron man was chubbier and he was skinnier. As he keeped on looking up at the midnight blue sky he looked closer and closer and then the stars formed a beautiful pitcher of him and his cousin.

The golden reverse boomerang…

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When I was a little kid, I used to make paper aeroplanes and I still do nowI had an obsession with paper aeroplanes and some of them didn’t even work but it was one special gold foil jet that I remember the most. My dad spent ages pressing the delicate and tight folds. We went to the forest to try it out but when I tried it just went to the ground. Then my dad added a little tweek to the tail fin and he handed it to me. I put my hand back drew the plane level to my ear and threw with force