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Elsa’s Journal

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(Entry one)

I just had the best birthday ever and I don’t have to go back to the castle. The castle. Well, it was a nice place to be, but this forest is where I belong.

-A happy Elsa

(Entry two)

I just ran back to the castle in a strop because Olaf said to all the the people in the Arendellian shops, “it’s Sunday and your not supposed to be open on Sunday.”  I guess I have to stop writing now, Anna’s calling me.

-A mad Elsa

(Entry three)

I AM SO HAPPY because I just killed the Nyx, dark spirit that haunts people’s dreams. Not anymore, it won’t!

-A proud Elsa

(Entry four)

I just gave Archlikel big payback. Why? I hear you ask. Well… It all started when I became the Queen of the enchanted forest. Archlikel thought I wasn’t good enough for the forest. So then he tried to get me out, so I gave him payback.


(Entry five)

I know it’s very late, but I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s this tent. No probably not. Maybe it’s that I miss Anna. Yeah, that’s probably it. I’ll try and get some sleep now.


(Entry six)

Honey-Maren just told me that there might be a sixth spirit, but I doubt it.



the sign

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once there was a young boy who dreamed of being a TRAVELLER!! any way he thought if he was gonna be a traveller he needed to train so he set of through the nearest forest without reading the sign instead he kicked it over and went on. as he strolled through the forest he started to get attacked by wild creatures such as giraffes with killer necks and koalas with the  curonavirus that poisons you instantly and will never regreat it so as the little sobbing boy runs home he he picks up a metal pole and whacks them round the face and gave the next one a black eye and ran in crying to his mummy.

16 years on the planet Nabu  and went to the Jedi council in order for him to quit  and become a traveller so of he went to see new stuff on moustifare and to search for the left overs of anican skywalker  . the movie sucked but then he ran to Jurassic world to explore dinosaurs  and two minutes later i stumbled into a haunted house and died and he would never walk in to anothers persons property again and will never go out into that forest ever again no matter what


the forest

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One day two little boys went on an adventure, There names were Jake and Lucas , they were very curious but unsafe. they went to a forest, the forest was once the home to a man but then a ghost attacked him and pulled his skin off , underneath his skin was a white layer of skin. Apparently he wears a black suit and tie.People call him slender man.There was a sign saying GO AWAY!!! But the children didn’t listen so they decided to meet each other at sun fall tonight at 9:00. a few hours later they were both at the sign again, one of them kicked over the sign then ran into the forest. All of a sudden they heard a stick snap.The boys started running away as quick as possible but one fell over. Lucas pulled out his torch and saw if Jake was still there. Luckily he was still alive but he had a big scratch on his arm and it was bleeding everywhere. They tried to find their way home but the forest was to big and they didn’t know where they were. Jake was just getting scared but Lucas was crying. Then the monster killed them both. THE END

The Dark Spirit Nyx

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Elsa ran to her room, Slamming the door behind her. “Elsa, what’s up?” Anna asked. “The dark spirit Nyx.. I Think she’s back to haunt Arendelle again!” Elsa said, trying not to sound to worried. The Nyx is a very dangerous spirit that haunts people’s dreams, Especially Arendelle. Anna ran and got the letter from the Arendellian shipwreck from her bedroom drawer. ” This is Noltholdran language, right? Mabye we could go to the forest and ask Yelena to decode it for us! It may have something to do with the Nyx, as well!” Anna exclaimed. “Yep. this letter is Noltholdran language. it says…” kill the Nyx once and it comes back. Kill the nyx twice and it comes back. Kill it three times and it’s gone for a year. Kill it four times and it’s dead for good. After the month it rises out of it’s grave… Kill the Nyx five times and it attacks back strong. So be careful of how many times you kill this Nyx. Especially you, fifth spirit. Your ice powers may be to weak. Or they may be strong enough. But I dont expect they are.Don’t say I didn’t warn you…” Yelana read. It was strange. The letter knew about Elsa! “W-What The N-Nyx knows about me? ” Elsa stammered. The next day Elsa went out and got the spirits and went off to find the Nyx. She took a deep breath and gave Anna a hug. “See you in a few hours,sis.” She said, trying not to cry. Elsa shed a tear. “This is going to be fine, Elsa. There’s no reason to cry. It’s only for a few hours and you have the spirits to protect you.” Anna said in a supportive tone.The Nokk gave a disaproving Neigh. “Well, here goes nothing! This is for you, Arendelle.”Elsa said worriedly. “Well, look who’s come back to try and beat me. No one has ever killed me, well at least you, for good. So you may as well go home and do your babyish Queen jobs.”The Nyx said bravely. After five hours, the Nyx was finally dead and Elsa had promised the spirits a trip to the Arendellian ice cream shop on the weekend. “Elsa, Is he dead for good now?”Anna exclaimed, excitedly hugging her sister. “Yep. For good. No more dark spirit in our lives again. Only if there’s another one out there, which there isn’t.”Elsa Exclaimed. Honey-Maren and Yelana ran into the room. “We kind of overheard your conversation, And we are so proud of you. Wanna go Shopping on Sunday?” Honey-Maren asked. “Sure. I’m taking Bruni, Nokk, The Earth Giants and Gale to the Arendellian ice cream shop on Saturday, then. I promised them I’d do it as a reward for all their hard work they did to help me kill Nyx. He’s gone for good, never to be seen again, I hope.”Elsa said. They went to the ice cream shop and guess what happened! Everyone was staring at Elsa,whispering to each other and giving Elsa weird looks. Elsa just ignored them, as a Noltholdran would. Finally, somebody came over and asked what she was doing. “I am really sorry if i’m disturbing you. I’m Elsa, The  Fifth spirit from the Enchanted Forest of the Noltholdrans, if you must know.” Elsa said, Realising a wave of confusion washing over the Arendellians. “Ok?” She said, walking away. “Lets go home now, spirits.” “To the forest.” Elsa reassured them. She rode Nokk back to the forest and there was a ‘party’ for Elsa because she killed the Nyx and it wasn’t in their lives again, never to be seen again. Well, at least not until she comes back again…

The End?


the house

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one day on the 31st of October 3 curious kids went trick or treating around the block but there was one house that nobody would go to . Some say that the owner ate his wife and turned into a clown with millions of yellow teeth a red Afro and a pale white face . These 3 children did not believe about the the story so they decided to go to his house. They rang the doorbell and then the door magically opened so the children walked inside. They heard a loud bang so they ran upstairs into the dark.but their other friend got eaten…

Rubeus Hagrid

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Hi there, my name is Rubeus Hagrid I’m a keeper of grounds and keys at Hogwarts and I love the job but I wish I could do herbology but I had to be a animal professor because the job was cancelled in year 4 when a girl smashed the glass with her mandrake but I love animals and If anyone hates them, I’ll show them how cute they are. well right know I’m feeding my hippogriff and I’m enjoying it so much, I wish the other professors could see me taking care of them

anyway need to go now

from Hagrid

Dobby the house elf

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Hello there , my name is dobby the house elf and I work for the Malfoy Manor and I normally enjoy it but I think there making a mess on purpose and I feel angry but sad that I’m working with the worst wizards of any sort but according to legend, I must not quit otherwise I will die but I can be free if somebody gives me clothes because I cant be free without clothes

anyway I need to clean now

from dobby

The Day after Her Birthday(guess who…)

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The day after her birthday she decided to go On a walk around Arendelle and Although it was Saturday, all the shops were closed!! She went to the forest to see The Noltholdrans and the spirits and ask them. they didn’t know so went to Olaf and he said that it’s Sunday so he went and said to all the people in Arendelle that it was Sunday so the closed the shops.Elsa got SOOO mad!! she ran off in a strop and then Anna ran after her. She ran to go and talk to the maid about Elsa and she said that she didn’t want to see anyone, not even you. So you can try, but I doubt that it’ll work. She went to the bedroom and knocked on the door. She said, “Elsa, it’s me, Anna. Can I come in?” “I guess…” Elsa said sadly. Apparently Elsa got really mad, lost her temper and couldn’t control herself. Anna sugessted that she lets the maid in. She agreed but then Anna realised that Elsa was wearing her mothers blanket. Their parents ship had gone down on the southern seas seven years ago. Anna asked why she had the blanket on and she said that she was just cold but Anna didn’t believe her. Elsa had a conversation with the maid and talked about why she got angry. The maid said she understood. When she got to Olaf he apologised and Elsa forgave him so the all had a game of charades. She went to the cave of Ahtohallan and the spirits said that they also understood why the ice spirit (Elsa) got mad.

The end!















Dumbledore ( the professor )

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Hi, my name is Alex Dumbledore  and i have no sisters and no brothers but one crush named professor Minerva and she’s the strictest teacher just to let you know and i’m the sweetest professor the school has ever known. Right know, i’m clearing Hogwarts for the first years and i cant wait to meet them but i’m really excited to see harry potter because i haven’t seen him since he was a baby and like everybody says he has his mothers eyes.

Anyway i must go now

i hope you go to Hogwarts soon

]from yours Truley

banana boy

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one day I woke up ,got dressed an then I started to walk to school . once I got to school I walked inside and started to read my book about super heroes , I always wished to become a super hero and every day I would pretend to play super heroes with my friends . after school I started to walk to back home by myself in the corner of my eye I saw something as it flew towards me I couldn’t see what it was . as it hit me I fell to the ground and fell asleep for half an hour . when I woke up I looked at my hands they had turned yellow . i quickly walked home with my hood up so nobody could see me . when i got home i ran upstairs into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror … I got sooo scared when i figured out I looked like a banana !!! all of a sudden i heard a very loud bang i looked out my window and i saw someone trying to break into my house . i felt something in my pocket i pulled them out and they where bananas . i squeezed them and bananas shot the robber and knocked him out .