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the twisty gun

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Hello my name is Rosie this morning I saw a twisty gun;a strong man had twisted it into a circle .I was so astonished that I almost fainted .My sister Laila came and took me into my class giraffes .Suddenly I was in a big lair where there was lots of guns .All of the guns were twisty and I saw a very strong man .And at his side there was a pile of straight guns .Suddenly I was back in class .Mrs Stevens seemed to be frozen every one was .I went  to the rest of my school and the whole school was frozen .I was so scared that a man came and calmed me down “hello” he said “h-h-hello” I said to him ,”m-m-my name’s Rosie “.”my name’s Sidney “The man said in a low voice “I didn’t mean to scare you , please accept my apology.”Come on school blog to see the rest !