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The magical bike

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There once was a bike it was a magical bike .The bike had a mind of its own  .In house number 10 there was a boy called Ben.One day Ben went outside into town for a walk. He saw a  yellow bike  he saw nobody was on it so he got on it.We he got on it the bike teleported to a magical land At first there were no people.Then he went into a castle inside there were magical people .Then he looked at the time it was dinner time so he got in a hot air balloon and off he flew home when Ben got home for dinner he told everyone about the magic bike but nobody believed him.


christmas is near

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I love Christmas its fun.My dad loves it too because we get presents I love that we get presents to.Last year I got a new bike .My mum hates Christmas because the glitter gets every where and my dog eats the tinsel and its disgusting.One time my friend came over she got a hoverboard I was disappointed that I didn’t get one.I thought I might of not been on santas good list I got worried but I problely was on his good list.I no that because I did get presents.My mum and dad say that if you don’t go to sleep on Christmas eve santa wont come but I don’t believe them and that’s why I love Christmas.     

Amys birthday

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Once upon a time there was a elephant called Amy she was very cute and lovely.She liked purple and she liked violins and was a happy elephant when she grew up she wanted to be an artist who panted all day.One day she said to her mum when is it my birthday her mum said in a couple of weeks .You will be 8 she said I wonder what I will get. It got closer and closer to her birthday and then it was there .She was so  happy she opend her present and her most favourite was her violin it was purple in the end her family all celebrated and lived happily ever after

The strange dream

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Once there was a girl who loved red .She had red cloths and red shoes and even a red dog.Iknow it sounds inpossille but it is not her favourite courlour most favourite was scarlet . One day she went to a town it was a a rosey red town. Even the people in the town were red houses were red shops  she went on plane and she saw the part of a city that wasnt red .It was a mystrey  she went home to see her dog and she was sad .She went on the plane and she looked agian and it wasnt red any more and she woke up and it was a dream

The anoying sister

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There was a weird balloon it was called the weird balloon because it was brown.It sounds weird right but there was a boy who liked that balloon.That boy had a little sister who he hated her so much he kicked her it was so bad he went to his room.He never wanted to come down  but he came down for dinner he said to his mum  im sorry. He said to his mum am I still grouned she said just till the end of the day.Next morning she said you can bring a friend so he did they went to the park and then had ice cream.

The fun day out

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but where did it go she shouted ?  she lost my toy dog she came round my house I gave her my toy to  play with because she lost her she was sad we went to the park she took it on the swing  and then went on the slide then we went home and went to the toilet and had a drink and then went for ice cream  i had mint choclate  ice cream and my friend had strawberry ice cream it was very nice  we went home after that and we played with my dolls we both wanted to have a sleep over  but then my friends mum came to pick her up we begged my friends mum so my friend could have a sleep over and she said yes it was very fun having a sleep over that’s why you should have one