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the yellow bike…..

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one night when the sky was as dark as a crow a rider named daria my best friend was riding her vehicle listening to music riding along when she found out she could …could….could FLY her bike got ramed up a tree and she flew up in the air but wen she tried to fly in front of Freya (my best bestie friend)and me she climed slowly up a treeand jumped of it didn’t work and we laughed.

the next day me and Freya tried her new yellow bike (the one she flew on)and we both flew in the air we all  had come to the conclusion the yellow bike was magical till this day the yellow bike is out there somewhere…

fortnite zombie!!!!!!

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once a couple of people thought about making a game called fortnite. he spread the word when the game was person who loved it so much he even was on tier 100 !!!! . the next night he sleep talked loudly fortnite. the 2nd day he missed 2 of his classes to see wat the new season was . that very day his mum said no fortnite. he said nooooooo!!! in a loud voice . he ran upstars and had a last go and he told all his friends about it and took pics of his skins and never ever went on that game again !

when i started dance

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i was looking for a shop. i tryed to find tesco when suddenly i saw a dance school i went in it reminded me of a time when i lost my teddy i was looking for it when i found gymnasics i went in to dance they said you dont have to pay for your first lesson my sister was with me she said we would love to i realy wanted to do it and we done it i have done it for 4 years now i still do it i set my mind of for a bit but love it

the big race

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It was nearly the day for the race hallie said to herself she was worried  she went to school . the race was at night time .after school she went home she got dressed she jumped in the car she was exited they made it .it was nearly her turn . hallie your  turn she was against the fastest girl brooke . get ready set go .hallie w as running as fast as she ever ran before so was brooke she ran but brooke was not making progress then Hallie touched the finish line she had got to the finish line yes whoo .

the giant pepperami

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once a girl was at a school trip in the forest she had lots of peperami and metal she lost her lunch box it formed into a giant peperami man then the girl saw it she was scared it snapped in half. it jumped in the water and all of the water came out. and everything got wet . he was looking for his body . she thought how does he see its just his legs. she guided the legs to the body it had a glimps of the top half of the tbody she caught it she put it together wooo.