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Take a look and leave a comment

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Fossa Class have published their first blog posts. They watched a short video clip from Avatar and have chosen an image to write about. Check out their choices and descriptive sentences.

What do you think?

images mistThey would love it if you could leave them a comment.

Welcome to 2016.

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imageWelcome to a brand new exciting year. A special welcome goes to our new Fossa Class bloggers. We hope you enjoy reading and commenting on our posts.

Summer Picnic

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Today year 2 Infants and year 3 & 4 Juniors enjoyed a lunchtime picnic in Rachel’s Garden. We were treated to a feast of extra delicious pizza and shortbread. The weather was perfect and we all had fun.



Pond Dipping

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Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

This week year 5 and 6 have undertaken a huge variety of outdoor learning. We spent time observing and taking a tally of all the different habitats in our school grounds and the animals and plants found in each habitat. We investigated the pond area carefully carrying out pond dipping to identify creatures. We found dragon flies, tadpoles, pond skaters and even snails.pond2


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Despite a small delay, the children are now on the ferry and are due back into Southampton at 3.30.

Little Canada

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photo Today’s the day. We are all set and ready to head to Little Canada.

Describing a Scene

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It was a dark place. All you could see were the shady clouds in the distance. The hills from far behind you. All the water was brown,
brown, brown, just dull,dark brown.

by Andie

Descriptive sentences

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In snow leopards we did a fun task this morning, the task was about describing a picture. Henry had an amazing sentence. It got read to the class.

Rushing water smashes againest the rock as the Cliffs tower above.

by Ethan and Libby.

Marvellous Maths

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In maths we do add, takeaway, times, divide, inverse and money we do these with different  methods which are number lines, column method, chunking and bus stop method.

We have been counting strawberries to help us learn.

by Lucy

Awesome Art

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What we have been doing in art lately is sketching lots of stuff like: sketching cavemen houses, eyes and rocks. My favourite bit is smudging lines to make it look more effective.


by Lauren