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There was a sketchy light that blinded him creepily😩😭

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There was a little boy who was wondering around his street and then he saw a a very strange looking house that he said to himself saying ” Is that house abandoned or what ” Then he thought some one was living there because the lights were on. That’s the thing That scared him. He mysteriously said to him self ” should I go in that house. Yeh I should to investigate ”. Then he at the porch, the door opened without him even pushing it. Then he went in…

He went upstairs for the first location in the house. When he went in the first room the light was so bright it nearly made him blind but he didn’t. He got scared so he tried to run out of the door but then the door go t jammed and couldn’t get opened………


My christmas. Ahhh it was amazin’

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So this is my Christmas. My Christmas was the best. Just to tell you guys, I technically  had 3 Christmas’ and if your saying ”How did you have 3 Christmas’ ” well I’ll tell you why. This was My first ”Christmas” and this was at my Mum’s ( if you think my Mum and Dad live together. They don’t.) And this was my second ” Christmas ” and it was with my Dad so I got a morph board and it was epic. Then this was my third ” Christmas ” I went round my nans house and guess what I got a gold hoverboard and that was out of the milky way (the milky way is are galaxy and a galaxy is where all of the planets are in it including us earth) and that is my Christmas(s). So I’ll see you next time on story time with………..Poppie, so byeeeeeeeeee.

Random blog.

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So,this is a very random blog. So if you judge me then its your fault. Why I’m making this blog,is because I’m bored and if I just put some random stuff in then it’s just some information it is because you don’t need to know what I’m writing down. So yesterday my dad picked me up from school and as usual and chatted all the way home and then when I got there I saw  Eric(the elf on the shelf) wrapped the Barbie camper and the mini Christmas tree in my room. But Santa did say he was the best spy elf and sometimes got up to mischief. I wonder what he’s going to do tonight?


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One day,there was a dude called St.Noel but in belief his real name is Santa Claus or his initials are SC or Scott Calvin in the movie called ”The Santa Claus”. When it is Christmas your mum or dad puts presents under the Christmas tree, but if you tell your little sister or anyone else younger than you then your dead. The meaning of dead to parents is you’ll get grounded and you don’t want to get grounded do you sunny boy. But carrying on with the Christmas thing. If you have watched ”The Santa Claus 1,2 and 3” then you know what happens. But if you haven’t watched it then you need to watch it like right now so go watch it on sky overwise I will make a blog that someone has never watched those three movies. So you have got one chance and if you comment it I will still make a blog about it.

They seemed to be exhausted……………………………………….

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When people were running for there life they nearly killed their-self for it just for donation. But they were so exhausted from trying to run for donation. But as i was saying they nearly killed their-self by running. But after the race that they passed out and then they had to go to the hospital [poor them]. But then unfortunately the doctors couldn’t get them back to life then they had to go and have a funeral guess what it was both of them.But at least they won the competition and then they had to give to their niece.Then she spent it all on………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… stuffed animals but i don’t blame her she’s only 6 so don’t you judge her. But this is the end of Poppie’s story corner. See you next time.


They seemed to be on TV…..‍

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So there was a group of children practising for a talent show[ a TV show on the television]. And the show was called ‘Try and get your own TV programme’ and do you think they won it…………………………………………………well drum-roll please and here are the results…. and they did win it did you think they won. Give your thought in the comments when this is done. Carrying on with the blog and then they actually got a big ol’ trophy it was gold on the outside and the silver was on the inside,it was beautiful. So that is the end of this story see you next time on telling stories with pops.

Goodness!There has been a bit of a disaster in the woods by the looks of it.

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Here’s a story when a boy went to the forest. When he went so deep he found a weird tree that had a bike moulded in the tree. It looked very mysterious. So he was huddling with his best mates at school, so they were hanging out in the woods, so they were saying to each other ” should we try and get that bike out of the tree or not”. ”Ummm….yeah definitely we should”. ”I think we shouldn’t ,because are we damaging property”. ” Yeah I definitely agree with Timmy[the one who said yes].So boys do you agree with Timmy ”YEAH”. Then all of them went home and got Jimmy[the leader of his group] dad’s axe and got back to the deepest bit of the woods. So now they’re trying to get the bike out of the tree. And now showing the bike is not out because an adult caught them red handed in the forest so they couldn’t do it.Who was it?…… .So that is the story done and all I got to say is. THE END…

Bricks,Gorilla,Pretty,Running and Yellow.

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There’s a women that loves yellow bricks. But she is very pretty like this👸. There is a running race for charities and for children who have cancer and she is going to do that. When she goes zoo theres always a Gorilla🐒 there and she literally goes crazy for one. She really wants a pet Gorilla…but she can’t because she doesn’t really have a big house. But at least she has a roof on top of her head if it rains. Some more information about her its that she actually has a lot of money in her account but she doesn’t spend it at all and she keeps it a secret. If some one asks if she has a lot money she says ”if you didn’t live on the streets you would have a load money I bet and plus I don’t have a lot of money neither so stop asking people for their money OK”! Really she’s really nice I mean a lot without  people frustrating her she just instantly calms down within seconds. So if you see her and ask her for money, just think it through and don’t carry on with the sentence okay. Now have you got it straight?

I wondered what was behind the door…

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When I was a child I would say to my mum to keep the door wide open and she did.Then as I got older she would close the door I would get nightmares and they were scary that a random monster would pop out of nowhere. Don’t you think its very weird that i that when i was a child. When i was about 12 every night I would look behind the door and there was nothing behind the door. When I was asleep I would hear something rattling from my toy box but I thought it was doc mcstuffins automatic speaker but it wasn’t……..

Why is there some random statues……

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One day a little girl was walking on her normal route, normal path. When the girl went on her stroll there was nothing like that.Right now I’m asking myself ”why are there some random statues in the middle of nowhere?” When did it come here? What do I need to do for it?I asked my mum why there was some random statues in the forest, but she didn’t know why they were there. So the next day I went again on my normal stroll, normal walk. Then the statues were not there and that isn’t a surprise. So I was pleased that it is back to normal.2 years later……