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Laycee said she wanted to blog about a fluffy cat and it reminded me of a time when I had a fluffy cat. I really loved  that cat because it was brown and it was so fluffy and cute.

Secret Statues

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Deep in an ancient forest, hid three, secret, stone, super-power statues.  During the day, these mysterious creatures  were  as still as a building but at night they come a live and atack the hole world. When it is morning they go to the place and have a cup a tea .When the wind hit them they fell over and they smashed to smitherines.

Secret password

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I chose blogging for golden time and I was very excited about using the bold font on the keyboard.  I typed in my password but it seemed to be going backwards however it seemed to work and I managed to log in successfully.  I started to type my blog even though I was five minutes late after loosing some Golden Time.  I nearly got to 100 words but i noticed something strange; they seemed to be going backwards too!  I was very sad to lose Golden Time but won renetsil doog yrev a ma I.  By Calleigh