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alien invasion

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There was a boy called Callum and his favourite things were ALIENS. Once he went to the arcade and he saw this cool alien game so he asked his mum for five pounds to play the alien game and he was boss at the game. When he  went  to the arcade he always played  that alien game. Five years later, there was an alien invasion but he found a mini gun and shot the alien space ship however it was bullet proof.


bob, Stewart and Kevin

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there was three people named bob Stewart and Kevin they used to be humans but there was a witch who put a spell on the three boys that was homeless but what she said was ” I make you rich boys ” and so they said” that they want to get a house so then they will not be homeless but the witch had other ideas to turn them into stone like medusa which is weird but the witch was happy that they were out of her way.

a weird story

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a man wearing a red shirt cycled a red bike and wearing a top hat and when he got home he checked his clock and it was 12:59 and he freaked out ahhhhhhhh lunch but in the cupboard he had a tuna melt baguette but as soon as he opened the cupboard he saw a ……….. SNAKE!!!!!! and so he ran to his bike and cycled away from the snake but the snake was following  him but before he thought it was fake but it was not fake it was real so he savaged him to his death but he moved to quickly.