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YOU decide part 2

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You reach for the bag slung over your shoulder and look inside. Inside was a length of rope and a hook. How would THAT help?!

You suddenly get an idea and attach the hook to the end of the rope, throwing it onto a nearby tree branch. You pull yourself up the tree with the ropes help and look around at the dense area. There is another pathway that doesn’t look that sketchy..

You make a mad dash for the exit and manage to escape..

Bernando Bear (Cherry Berry bear)

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My new puppets name is Bernando and he arrived today. His nickname is Cherry Berry. Or just Berry.


As you saw that is Bernando. He only writes in capital letters and will NOT use word contractions. He looks a bit like Fozzie bear from the muppets. Actually not real- I TAKE THAT AS AN INSULT! I-i don’t mean it as an insult,  Berry! Berry?! Okay, he is refusing to talk now. I am going to apologise then I will be back..

OK FINE,I AM SORRY. Me too, Berry. CAN I GIVE YOU A NICKNAME? Ok. HOW ABOUT.. DARCI? Darci?! That has nothing to do with my original name. I KNOW BUT I LIKE IT! It’s a bit quirky, but fine. Call me Darci if it pleases you.

You decide..

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You are trapped in a forest, with no source  of water, no source of food. There is a bear behind a tree about 10ft away from you, and  an eagle screeching in the dusk sky, staring at you; wanting to grab you by its long claws an drag you away.. You stay still, pondering your options on how to get out in your head.  Do you:

. Try and escape by foot? The pathway seems a bit sketchy, but it’s worth a try..

. Try and call for help? The chances are low that another human being is in this remote area, unless another creature saves you….


.See if you can escape yourself? There might just be something slightly useful in the bag that is hung over your shoulders droopily..

Tell me what you think! Or shall I just write an ending for all of them? 

ANOTHER new puppet

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I am going to recive a new bear puppet tomorrow. I am not sure what I will name him but since I have used all the features (bold, underline etc) I will write in capital letters to represent him. I would like it if I could have (some) name suggestions. I am thinking Charlie but I’m just thinking of the show from CBeebies, Little Charley Bear; and that name just doesn’t seem right for my pupp- I mean bear (the puppets don’t like it when I call them puppets). I will tell you more about my new bear puppet tomorrow.

I would appreciate name suggestions. I am stuck on giving him a name; but he’s not even arrived yet and it’ll probably be easier to give him a name when i can physically see him with my own eyes.

New Years Eve!!!

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Happy New Years Eve everyone!! I just want to say that I am wishing everyone a happy new year! I hope that 2021 is better than 2020 but we will have to see! I will keep blogging throughout 2021 (maybe 2022 if you don’t delete my account when I go into yr 7, please don’t) to update you on my ventriloquism, etc. I know this blog is short but I just wanted to say the stuff I’ve already said. I WON’T be up until midnight tonight..I’ve never been allowed. Well I’m running out of things to write so I’m going to end this blog now.

Happy new year! 🎉🎈

My new 2 puppets

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Hello, welcome back to part 3 of Sapphire’s life story. Today I’ll introduce you to my two new friends, Scarlett and Okie.

key; italics= me

normal= Sapphire

Bold= Okie

Italic Underlined= Scarlett

So, shall we?

Hi. I’m Okie, it’s a pleasure to meet you. And I’m Scarlett. Great to meet you.

They only arrived here on Thursday, right? Right. Shall we ask them to do their life stories? Yes, can I go first? Ok. Okay.

I’m Okie. I do impersonations. My original home was in a storage cupboard with other me’s and other Scarlett’s piled up high, all waiting for our turn to be shipped off to another loving family. Then, my turn came. I was shipped off to Izzy and we’ve only been together for 4 days (since Xmas) but I think we’ll have some amazing adventures together.

 Aww, that’s so sweet. 

My turn now, darling.  Well my story is exactly like Okie’s.. So I won’t write it.

Thank you for reading. 

Christmas Eve!!!!!🎄

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Today is Christmas Eve- my sister has gone crazy. It’s all she will talk about and it can get kind of annoying when she just babbles on about it and doesn’t stop. This blog might be a bit short because I’m a bit busy-you know what I mean. Busy with my sisters exuberance. And other stuff. 50 words already. I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight; I get a bit.. Overexcited the nights before an exciting event. What shall I write? I’m not sure so I’ll end this blog here. Hopefully if I keep typing I’ll get to 100 words.. Oh look we made it too 100 words.

I’ll try and blog on Christmas Day(tomorrow) but that may be a bit tricky. I’ll try my best. 

Have a very merry Christmas everyone! 🎄❄️

One (short) day in the Emerald City

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Elphaba’s POV

I can’t wait! Today me and Glinda are going to meet the wizard of Oz in the Emerald City!! I think Glinda’s gone loopy!  She’s been up since 5:30am!!! I only got up 30 minutes ago! (It’s currently 8:30) Apparently Glinda needs to look perfect for the trip to Emerald city. I..I’m just being usual..I hope.

Glinda’s POV

I…I can’t believe Elphie’s taking ME to the Emerald city! To see the wizard! She’s worked her socks-well, broom?- off for this opportunity. She’s gone crazy! Even Fiyero’s proud of her! He’s supposed to be proud of me! Anyway, I am not going crazy. I repeat, not going crazy!! Shiz university is NOT about going crazy! It’s about..leaning! And that’s something I’m bad at. Elphie’s so good at it though! How is beyond me! I’ll ask her now.. I’m back and Elphie has no idea why I was asking her that question.. Any ways, I’m going to get ready now.

 Elphaba’s POV

We arrive at the city and these Ozians come and sing to us..

Ok I won’t write the song. It may be copyrighting so I won’t write it.

“THE WIZARD WILL SEE YOU KNOW!” an Ozian shreiked in our faces. Glinda and I walk into this dark room and a robotic head of the wizard stands before us.

“Who goes there?” It boomed. “I’m Elphaba Thropp; I was sent here from Shiz.” I calmly said. Green lights flash luminously and then normal lights turn on. “Ah, miss Elphaba. A student of Morrible’s Magic  studies, I’m guessing? Please take a seat.” The wizard greeted me.     I seated myself opposite from him. “So, Elphaba, the reason I invited you here today…”

Our conversation was long and complicated so I won’t write it all.

Glinda’s POV

After their conversation (well I’ve never seen wicked in real life so I don’t know so bear with me on this one) we head out and Elphie seemed calm and collected. That was Elphie and I’s “One Short day”.


The new friend (this has more than 1000 words!!) part 1

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Basis: new girl at Shiz called Rapunzel (Disney’s Tangled) whose first day ambassador is Elphaba. Enjoy! Note: I made up the coast of islands Rapunzel lives in; couldn’t find the name of the Kingdom. Also it’s not Gillkin it’s Gillikin.

Elphaba’s POV 

There is this new girl at Shiz called Rapunzel and Madame Morrible made me be her first day ambassador. I waited for her at the door with Morrible and when she arrived, Morrible introduced herself, then Rapunzel did, then finally I introduced myself. 

“Hi, I’m Elphaba and I’ll be your guide for your first day, if that’s okay.” I smiled warmly.  “Hi, Elphaba, I’m Rapunzel. I come from the seventh island on the north east of Rappilshoa, far, far away from Oz..” Rapunzel smiled back. We both laughed in unison then stared at each other for a minute. “Have a nice first day, Rapunzel.” Madame Morrible walked away. I briefly glance at my schedule book. “Our first class is Dr Dillamond’s Ozian history class; but that’s not for another hour. How about I take you up to my dormitory to meet Glinda, my roommate and really good friend?” I asked.

Rapunzel nodded. “Sure. We’ll be friends, won’t we?”                           “Sure.” I smile warmly and guide her to room 22. When we arrived, I opened the door and quickly said to Glinda, “Glin? This is Rapunzel; Morrible chose me to be her first day ambassador.” Glinda shifted her gaze to Rapunzel. “Hi, I’m Glinda.” She greeted. “Hi. Nice to meet you, Glinda.” Rapunzel replied.

An hour later…

“We’d better get to Dr Dillamond’s class, Elphie,” Glinda reminded me.        “Oh yeah, good shout. Thanks, Glin; I didn’t realise the time.” I laughed sheepishly.  So me, Rapunzel and Glinda walked to Dillamond’s Ozian history class. When we arrived, Dillamond introduced himself to Rapunzel and she introduced herself. He gave her the seat right next to me; seeing as I was her first day ambassador. But actually that was her seat for the whole year. Dillamond started his class, and to my surprise, Rapunzel was amazing at Ozian history for a girl who hadn’t even lived in Oz for her whole life!!!!  She put her hand up for most of the history questions Dillamond asked, and got 85% of them right!!

After class, I asked Rapunzel how she knew so much about Ozian History and and she replied,”I read a lot, so I get all of the information from the Kingdom Library, and I’ve read almost all the books in that little library, due to the fact I am very much obsessed with reading.” I explain to her how I am absolutely obsessed with reading as well, and how she can  borrow some of my books too since we are all sharing a dormitory.

After our final class and my long magic study class with Morrible, we made our way back to room 22 (With Glinda, obviously) and, when we arrived, started making Rapunzel feel at home.

She pulled out a quilt cover that was patterned with a yellow sun symbol-I guessed that was her Kingdom sign. She put the pillow covers and her quilt cover on her pillows, etc. She then spread them on the bed (that was wheeled in for her earlier that day) and Glinda asked, “How does life work back on your island on the Rappilshoa coasts?”

“It’s wonderful. Everyone back there is so kind to everyone. I’m going to miss it.” Rapunzel smiled. I pulled out a few of her perfume bottles, carefully carried them over to the dressing table and set them carefully down. “I’ll do this one, it’s special. Come on, Pascal! I need to get the special thing out that mother gave me, so you need to move.” Rapunzel pulled out a little green chameleon and set him down on her bed.  She then pulled out a stuffed yellow bear with that sun symbol on its chest and one on its hair clip that it had in. “Is that everything?” Glinda asked. Rapunzel nodded. An idea popped into my head. “How about we make you a nickname, Rapunzel?” I exclaimed. Glinda squealed. “That sounds like soooo much fun!!” Glinda squeaked.         “Okay, make it quirky.” Rapunzel giggled. “How about… Punzie?” Me and Glinda asked in unison, then crack into laughter. Rapunzel gasped. “Yessss!!! I love that!” She squealed.

“About the chameleon.. I don’t think he’s allowed here.” Glinda sighed. A look of disappointment washed over Rapunzel’s face. “I’ll go ask Madame Morrible. I’ll tell her can’t be without him. I’m good at persuading.” I smirked. “I can’t be without him, so you wouldn’t be lying.” Rapunzel said. I got back and Morrible said yes, Rapunzel can keep Pascal, as long as he didn’t get into any mischief.

I guess the green have to look out for each other.

“Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!” Rapunzel gasped, “do you hear that, Pascal?! You’re allowed to stay!!” Pascal just looked at Rapunzel with a confused look on his face and he licked his eyeball.     “Chameleons.” Rapunzel laughed. “Want to go down and get some dinner, you two?” Glinda asked. Me and Rapunzel nodded. We walked  down and go and get some food, but that’s a bit boring so I won’t write about that.

When we arrived back-which was at about 6:30 pm-we started getting ready for bed. Glinda dressed in her nightclothes (In the bathroom obviously) first, then me, then Rapunzel. We decided to spent the night talking about our kingdoms that we originally came from, and because it was a Friday night we didn’t have any classes tomorrow or on Sunday. Or the next week. We didn’t even get homework- well except the magic homework Morrible set me, which is to make an egg pop out of thin air. I already had done that that night, so I didn’t have to worry about homework.

“So. Glinda, where did you originally come from before you came to Shiz?” Rapunzel asked. “Gillikin. The town on the north west of Oz.” Glinda replied.

Their conversation continued..

“Are they nice there?

“Yes, extremely.”

“Is it a big kingdom?”

“Yes, it is very big in size, and definitely if you’re referring to the population.”

The Gillikin convo ended there and Rapunzel basically asked me the same questions about Munchkinland. “I come from the seventh island on the north west of the Rappilshoa coast, but I got stolen by this wretched old lady called Gothel. But the I met Eugene Rider; he cut my magic hair off and killed Gothel because she used my hair as a thingy to keep herself alive. She was like 200 years old so turned to dust immediately. My tears saved Eugene, I went to my Kingdom and got married to Eugene. I live back in my kingdom now.” Rapunzel explained when I asked about her kingdom. “’ve been through a lot.” Glinda stared at Rapunzel, wide eyed. Pascal climbs onto my lap and changes to be black; the same colour as my dress. “Huh. I guess he’s not mad at me. I guess he thinks I’m a chameleon.”  I laughed. Rapunzel and Glinda laughed. “Oh, Elphie, you are hilarious.” Glinda said through her laughter.

Sapphire’s life story

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Non italics= my puppet, Sapphire

Hey it’s Sapphire! I’m back! Did you miss me? You know, I am back and I have the one named star status now. One named star status? Yeah, you know, there’s Beyoncé, Adele, and now…Sapphire. I can just see my name in the lights.. Oh you’d just be at my side. You wouldn’t make a difference to my star status. Weren’t you going to tell them your life story? Oh yeah. So, once upon a time…

About 2 years ago, I got made by the people at Silly Puppets. I waited and waited for my turn to be shipped off to a new home, but they never chose me!! Until about two months ago. My turn had finally come! I was being sent off to this person called Izzy! I was exuberant and overjoyed! I got loved and got called Sapphire Lou by Izzy!

I absolutely love being part of Izzy’s life. We had so many adventures together and there will probably be more adventures to come in the future! I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s amazing.

That’s my life story!

Aww.. That’s adorable. Thank you, Sapphire. I don’t know what I’d do without you either. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 I’ll be sure to post more about my ventriloquism puppet in the future. (Sorry this wasn’t made sooner-I’ve been really focused on my other series.)