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One (short) day in the Emerald City

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Elphaba’s POV

I can’t wait! Today me and Glinda are going to meet the wizard of Oz in the Emerald City!! I think Glinda’s gone loopy!  She’s been up since 5:30am!!! I only got up 30 minutes ago! (It’s currently 8:30) Apparently Glinda needs to look perfect for the trip to Emerald city. I..I’m just being usual..I hope.

Glinda’s POV

I…I can’t believe Elphie’s taking ME to the Emerald city! To see the wizard! She’s worked her socks-well, broom?- off for this opportunity. She’s gone crazy! Even Fiyero’s proud of her! He’s supposed to be proud of me! Anyway, I am not going crazy. I repeat, not going crazy!! Shiz university is NOT about going crazy! It’s about..leaning! And that’s something I’m bad at. Elphie’s so good at it though! How is beyond me! I’ll ask her now.. I’m back and Elphie has no idea why I was asking her that question.. Any ways, I’m going to get ready now.

 Elphaba’s POV

We arrive at the city and these Ozians come and sing to us..

Ok I won’t write the song. It may be copyrighting so I won’t write it.

“THE WIZARD WILL SEE YOU KNOW!” an Ozian shreiked in our faces. Glinda and I walk into this dark room and a robotic head of the wizard stands before us.

“Who goes there?” It boomed. “I’m Elphaba Thropp; I was sent here from Shiz.” I calmly said. Green lights flash luminously and then normal lights turn on. “Ah, miss Elphaba. A student of Morrible’s Magic  studies, I’m guessing? Please take a seat.” The wizard greeted me.     I seated myself opposite from him. “So, Elphaba, the reason I invited you here today…”

Our conversation was long and complicated so I won’t write it all.

Glinda’s POV

After their conversation (well I’ve never seen wicked in real life so I don’t know so bear with me on this one) we head out and Elphie seemed calm and collected. That was Elphie and I’s “One Short day”.


The new friend (this has more than 1000 words!!) part 1

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Basis: new girl at Shiz called Rapunzel (Disney’s Tangled) whose first day ambassador is Elphaba. Enjoy! Note: I made up the coast of islands Rapunzel lives in; couldn’t find the name of the Kingdom. Also it’s not Gillkin it’s Gillikin.

Elphaba’s POV 

There is this new girl at Shiz called Rapunzel and Madame Morrible made me be her first day ambassador. I waited for her at the door with Morrible and when she arrived, Morrible introduced herself, then Rapunzel did, then finally I introduced myself. 

“Hi, I’m Elphaba and I’ll be your guide for your first day, if that’s okay.” I smiled warmly.  “Hi, Elphaba, I’m Rapunzel. I come from the seventh island on the north east of Rappilshoa, far, far away from Oz..” Rapunzel smiled back. We both laughed in unison then stared at each other for a minute. “Have a nice first day, Rapunzel.” Madame Morrible walked away. I briefly glance at my schedule book. “Our first class is Dr Dillamond’s Ozian history class; but that’s not for another hour. How about I take you up to my dormitory to meet Glinda, my roommate and really good friend?” I asked.

Rapunzel nodded. “Sure. We’ll be friends, won’t we?”                           “Sure.” I smile warmly and guide her to room 22. When we arrived, I opened the door and quickly said to Glinda, “Glin? This is Rapunzel; Morrible chose me to be her first day ambassador.” Glinda shifted her gaze to Rapunzel. “Hi, I’m Glinda.” She greeted. “Hi. Nice to meet you, Glinda.” Rapunzel replied.

An hour later…

“We’d better get to Dr Dillamond’s class, Elphie,” Glinda reminded me.        “Oh yeah, good shout. Thanks, Glin; I didn’t realise the time.” I laughed sheepishly.  So me, Rapunzel and Glinda walked to Dillamond’s Ozian history class. When we arrived, Dillamond introduced himself to Rapunzel and she introduced herself. He gave her the seat right next to me; seeing as I was her first day ambassador. But actually that was her seat for the whole year. Dillamond started his class, and to my surprise, Rapunzel was amazing at Ozian history for a girl who hadn’t even lived in Oz for her whole life!!!!  She put her hand up for most of the history questions Dillamond asked, and got 85% of them right!!

After class, I asked Rapunzel how she knew so much about Ozian History and and she replied,”I read a lot, so I get all of the information from the Kingdom Library, and I’ve read almost all the books in that little library, due to the fact I am very much obsessed with reading.” I explain to her how I am absolutely obsessed with reading as well, and how she can  borrow some of my books too since we are all sharing a dormitory.

After our final class and my long magic study class with Morrible, we made our way back to room 22 (With Glinda, obviously) and, when we arrived, started making Rapunzel feel at home.

She pulled out a quilt cover that was patterned with a yellow sun symbol-I guessed that was her Kingdom sign. She put the pillow covers and her quilt cover on her pillows, etc. She then spread them on the bed (that was wheeled in for her earlier that day) and Glinda asked, “How does life work back on your island on the Rappilshoa coasts?”

“It’s wonderful. Everyone back there is so kind to everyone. I’m going to miss it.” Rapunzel smiled. I pulled out a few of her perfume bottles, carefully carried them over to the dressing table and set them carefully down. “I’ll do this one, it’s special. Come on, Pascal! I need to get the special thing out that mother gave me, so you need to move.” Rapunzel pulled out a little green chameleon and set him down on her bed.  She then pulled out a stuffed yellow bear with that sun symbol on its chest and one on its hair clip that it had in. “Is that everything?” Glinda asked. Rapunzel nodded. An idea popped into my head. “How about we make you a nickname, Rapunzel?” I exclaimed. Glinda squealed. “That sounds like soooo much fun!!” Glinda squeaked.         “Okay, make it quirky.” Rapunzel giggled. “How about… Punzie?” Me and Glinda asked in unison, then crack into laughter. Rapunzel gasped. “Yessss!!! I love that!” She squealed.

“About the chameleon.. I don’t think he’s allowed here.” Glinda sighed. A look of disappointment washed over Rapunzel’s face. “I’ll go ask Madame Morrible. I’ll tell her can’t be without him. I’m good at persuading.” I smirked. “I can’t be without him, so you wouldn’t be lying.” Rapunzel said. I got back and Morrible said yes, Rapunzel can keep Pascal, as long as he didn’t get into any mischief.

I guess the green have to look out for each other.

“Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!” Rapunzel gasped, “do you hear that, Pascal?! You’re allowed to stay!!” Pascal just looked at Rapunzel with a confused look on his face and he licked his eyeball.     “Chameleons.” Rapunzel laughed. “Want to go down and get some dinner, you two?” Glinda asked. Me and Rapunzel nodded. We walked  down and go and get some food, but that’s a bit boring so I won’t write about that.

When we arrived back-which was at about 6:30 pm-we started getting ready for bed. Glinda dressed in her nightclothes (In the bathroom obviously) first, then me, then Rapunzel. We decided to spent the night talking about our kingdoms that we originally came from, and because it was a Friday night we didn’t have any classes tomorrow or on Sunday. Or the next week. We didn’t even get homework- well except the magic homework Morrible set me, which is to make an egg pop out of thin air. I already had done that that night, so I didn’t have to worry about homework.

“So. Glinda, where did you originally come from before you came to Shiz?” Rapunzel asked. “Gillikin. The town on the north west of Oz.” Glinda replied.

Their conversation continued..

“Are they nice there?

“Yes, extremely.”

“Is it a big kingdom?”

“Yes, it is very big in size, and definitely if you’re referring to the population.”

The Gillikin convo ended there and Rapunzel basically asked me the same questions about Munchkinland. “I come from the seventh island on the north west of the Rappilshoa coast, but I got stolen by this wretched old lady called Gothel. But the I met Eugene Rider; he cut my magic hair off and killed Gothel because she used my hair as a thingy to keep herself alive. She was like 200 years old so turned to dust immediately. My tears saved Eugene, I went to my Kingdom and got married to Eugene. I live back in my kingdom now.” Rapunzel explained when I asked about her kingdom. “’ve been through a lot.” Glinda stared at Rapunzel, wide eyed. Pascal climbs onto my lap and changes to be black; the same colour as my dress. “Huh. I guess he’s not mad at me. I guess he thinks I’m a chameleon.”  I laughed. Rapunzel and Glinda laughed. “Oh, Elphie, you are hilarious.” Glinda said through her laughter.

Sapphire’s life story

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Non italics= my puppet, Sapphire

Hey it’s Sapphire! I’m back! Did you miss me? You know, I am back and I have the one named star status now. One named star status? Yeah, you know, there’s Beyoncé, Adele, and now…Sapphire. I can just see my name in the lights.. Oh you’d just be at my side. You wouldn’t make a difference to my star status. Weren’t you going to tell them your life story? Oh yeah. So, once upon a time…

About 2 years ago, I got made by the people at Silly Puppets. I waited and waited for my turn to be shipped off to a new home, but they never chose me!! Until about two months ago. My turn had finally come! I was being sent off to this person called Izzy! I was exuberant and overjoyed! I got loved and got called Sapphire Lou by Izzy!

I absolutely love being part of Izzy’s life. We had so many adventures together and there will probably be more adventures to come in the future! I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s amazing.

That’s my life story!

Aww.. That’s adorable. Thank you, Sapphire. I don’t know what I’d do without you either. 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 I’ll be sure to post more about my ventriloquism puppet in the future. (Sorry this wasn’t made sooner-I’ve been really focused on my other series.)

Sapphire?! How are you writing this?!

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Izzy THINKS I’m a puppet. But she’s wr-why are you doing this?! I thought you are a puppet?!  Yes, well, I’m going to start writing my own series of blogs-Sapphire’s Land. What?! Well, without me, you wouldn’t write or talk. Without me, you wouldn’t eat! You know I can be funny without a puppet. You’re not funny with a puppet! Oh, thanks a bunch. I appreciate it. Anyway.. Here’s the end of the introduction to ‘Sapphire’s Land.” I didn’t make it to 100 words but of I keep typing gobblygook I might just make it too 100 words. Hope you enjoyed!

What a year!! (This isn’t my last blog of 2020, though.)

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One word to describe this year: Crazy

One word to describe my thoughts and hopes for 2021: dreams

My piece of 100(Probably more) words. Title: a year of ventriloquism 

Though this year was crazy, I found my true passion for one of my biggest dreams-to be a ventriloquist. I feel that ventriloquism has made my 2020 a little less crazy, but I still don’t know why it had a big impact-I only got my first puppet (Sapphire) in November (my birthday, November 1st)! Wow, I cannot believe it’s December 14th already; I just want this crazy year to be over so we can have a fresh new start. Oh look. Over 100 words already! I’ll probably get more puppets for Christmas. That’s the only thing I put on my list! Does anyone feel like next year will be like 2020 is fighting with 2021? To see which one is the best? Tell me what you think! Thank you for reading this blog. I hope to post more in 2021 than I did in 2020! 

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone,

-Isolde ❄️

Elphaba’s “birthday”-part 4: The end

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(Random thing I’ need to say: Larena doesn’t support Vinkus-which is the town off the coast of Oz. Ok, start the story now.) 

“You okay?” Glinda asked. Elphaba nodded, which made Glinda frown, simply because  it occurred to Glinda that she wasn’t ok. Elphaba immediately shook her head. Nessarose gasped. “What’s wrong, Fabula (Nessarose came up with this nickname for Elphaba)?” She wheeled herself closer to Elphaba. “Well.. I..” Elphaba stammered. “All of the negative feelings hidden inside of you are surging forward, Elphie. You’ve hidden the bad feelings for too long now. I’ve noticed how you look fine sometimes but really, you don’t feel fine. That’s another reason I’m taking you to Gillikin.” Glinda explained. Elphaba was speechless. “Oz! You’ve been  stalking me!” Elphaba shuddered. “Nu-uh. It’s just.. I’ve been realising how you’ve been acting. Quiet. Extremely quiet.” Glinda replied, flicking her hair, making all the Ozians stare. “Are they staring at me? Or you?” Elphaba whispered to Glinda. ‘Ding ding! We have arrived in Gillikin! If this is your stop, get off now or else!’ The train speakers appeared to be very ridiculous.

The three got off and Nessarose giggled, “Rude train! That train is rude! That’s something i never thought I’d say!” Glinda and Elphaba soon caught the giggles, well at least until Glinda caught sight of her hometown; Gillkin. “Wow..oh, it feels great to be back!” Glinda smiled, gazing dreamily around the streets of Gillikin as the fresh spring air blew through her blonde hair, making it look wavier that it already was.  Glinda interlocked her arm with Elphaba’s and they continued walking to the palace of Gillikin, where Larena was.

When they arrived at the palace, Glinda gave a brisk knock at the large door and Larena opened it. “Galinda?” She gasped.  Glinda shot Larena a look. “It’s Glinda now.” Glinda said, “and this is Elphaba. She is my best friend and I feel she needs life support; she thinks that her father, Frexpar, hates her.”  Larena nodded. “Okay, come in.”

Glinda, Nessarose and Elphaba walked inside, and Elphaba interlocked her hand with Glinda’s. “Are you ok?” Glinda whispered.  Elphaba nodded. “I just feel… Shy, that’s all.” Glinda smiled slightly and squeezed Elphaba’s hand. “Don’t be. It’s fine.”

After arriving in the room, Nessarose and Glinda let Elphaba talk to Larena in peace and went to see Highmuster. “So, Elphaba, is it? What’s making you so insecure?” Larena asked softly. Elphaba sighed. “Frexpar-my father and the govenor of Munchkinland-hates me. About a week ago, he wanted to talk to me about me killing Melena because I was born green so apparently it was my fault. I just feel ilke I’m responsible for my mother passing away.” Elphaba explained.

Larena nodded. “I get it. I’ve helped a person who went through a similar experience.” Larena moved closer and placed a hand on her back. “Is it because of your skin colour?” Larena asked. Elphaba nodded. “I’ve been teased about it for many years. People thought I ate grass as a child; that really annoyed me.” Elphaba explained.         “Oh my, I bet it did! I’d have hated to be bullied like that!” Larena gasped, immediately feeling immense sympathy-along with something else, something she couldn’t identify. “Ignore the bad comments and take in the good ones. You are unique and are a beautiful woman; you need to see that in yourself. That’s the only thing I can suggest. But if the bullying gets worse, tell Glinda or a teacher at Shiz. They’ll help.” Larena smiled warmly and Elphaba smiled back. “Thank you.” Elphaba said. “No problem. See you later.” Larena smiled.

“Elphie!” Glinda gasped, running up to Elphaba and hugging her. “Glinda.” Elphaba smiled. Glinda perked her gaze to Highmuster. “We really should be going back to Shiz now.” Glinda said. Highmuster nodded. “Okay. It was nice seeing you, Glinda.”

Elphaba, Nessarose and Glinda arrived back at Shiz and went into their dormitories-they’d been allowed the day off. “ are you feeling now?” Glinda asked curiously. Elphaba thought for a second.    “A load better. Thank you so much for taking me to Gillikin, Glinda. You really are the best friend I could ever want. Thank you for being part of my life.” Elphaba smiled. Glinda blushed and beamed. “You are as well, my sweet.” Glinda replied, hiding an urge to hug her best friend in a non-friend sort of way.. “What are you doing?!” Elphaba stared at Glinda.

End of part 4! Should this be the last part or not?! I don’t know. I enjoy writing about this stuff but probably need to do a different topic on ‘Wicked.’ So.. It’s decided.

The end!! I really hope you have enjoyed(or if you aren’t finished with the other chapters enjoy) reading this series!! 

Elphaba’s “birthday”- part 3

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At the end of part 2, the birthday of Elphaba had been forgotten. Now it was the next day, and the talk with Frexpar had been horrible. Glinda was terribly worried about the current state of Elphaba and desperately wanted to help…

Glinda opened the dormitory door and saw Elphaba sat, reading. She wasn’t okay, although she looked it. Elphaba was good at keeping her feelings buried inside her and Glinda knew that if Elphaba kept all of these negative feelings inside of her, she could become terribly ill or all of her feelings could come up to nag her who-knows-when. She decided to take this slowly and calmly. Unlike how she usually would. She slowly approached Elphaba and asked, “Hey. Are you okay? I know you’re a little bit annoyed by last night still, but..” She began to notice Elphaba become more and more unattached to her book and more to the soft tone of Glinda’s voice. “Yes. I am fine. Well at least trying to be. I just feel so..hurt by all that father said to me.” Elphaba sighed. Glinda began to realise how Elphaba was feeling all last night.


“I know he wasn’t thrillified, Elphie. But you need to know that the stuff he said isn’t true. He’s just trying to make you feel bad about yourself. But I’m here to talk of you need me. Okay?” Glinda reassured her. Elphaba smiled. “Okay.” The two sides of Frexpar’s and Elphaba’s argument was that: 1:  It was Elphaba’s fault that Melena passed away, because Elphaba was born green-skinned. So Frexpar had to make Melena chew milk flowers so that Nessarose wasn’t born green as well. But that made Melena ill, and Nessarose had to be born early, and all her legs got tangled. She now has a wheelchair (Frexpar’s side). 2: It was Frexpar’s fault that Melena passed away because he’s the one that made her chew milk flowers and threatened to drown Nessarose if she was born green 😟(Elphaba’s side). Any ways, these thoughts kept racing in Elphaba’s head. Glinda must of been a mind reader, because suddenly, she softly said, “He is wrong. It is not in any way your fault, Elphie. Trust me.” Glinda began to feel pressure in her own abdomen. Sympathy pangs? Surely that must be it. Elphaba sighed. “I know. But… It’s hard hitting, what he says. I just feel… Like… Frexpar isn’t even the govenor of Munchkinland. I know he is, he’s just so unapprecive of me. I..don’t know how to describe it.” Elphaba buried her face in her hands. “I know he does that, but that doesn’t make it true.” Glinda went up to Elphaba. “Ssshhhh..” Many of the feelings built up in Glinda’s body surged forward at that moment.

Elphaba’s eyes shot to the window and Glinda couldn’t help but laugh at her best friends comic-like antics. “Please don’t tell me you’re afraid of storms?! How could someone who is so into Science be afraid of something so irrational? It’s not like storms are extremophile or something.” Glinda giggled. “Yes. It is silly. It’s just that father used to tell me that storms were a sign that bad things were going to occur in the future. But I don’t believe that anymore.” Elphaba sighed. A thought popped into Glinda’s head. “How about I take you to see my momsie? She’s the..person..who helps people in Gillkin, Vinkus or Munchkinland when they feel they are disrespected? Or..something like that. I could ask Madame Morrible if we could.” Glinda gasped. Elphaba thought about this thoroughly. Very thoroughly. She then nodded. She felt like this would help her a bit.

The next day..

Glinda, Elphaba and Nessarose (she’d decided to tag along) were walking to the train station (Morrible had let them.) to visit Gillkin to see Larena Upland and Highmuster Arduenna (Obviously why Glinda is called G(a)linda Arduenna Upland.). Glinda decided that she wanted to see Highmuster too, after Elphaba had finished talking to Larena. “This is so exciting! I finally get to go back to Gillkin! My home town!” Glinda shreiked. “Wow, someone’s energetic.” Nessarose whispered to Elphaba, and she giggled. They got on the train to Gillkin, and Elphaba’s negative feelings started to show themselves to Elphaba…

Another cliffhanger for you! See ya for part 4!!!! 🙂



Elphaba’s birthday (part 2 of over exaggeration when Galinda meets Elphaba)

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“Yes. But I just did it to annoy you, my sweet.” Elphaba’s smirk widened.  “No fair!!” Glinda smiled. ‘Ohhhh….I annoy you sometimes, so you should be able to do the same!!”  Elphaba sighed, “I never really festivate my birthday, Glinda. I always tell Nanny not to get me presents, but she always insists and I can’t say no..” Elphaba placed the colourless paper next to her and tried on the blue leather coat, and took it off again. “This clashes dreadfully with my skin..” Elphaba groaned. “No, it looks beautiful, Elphie.” Glinda commented. Let’s just say that back at Gillkin, people tried to make people feel better about their looks. They didn’t do that back at Munchkinland. At all. They went to Dr Dillamond’s classroom and seated themselves, like it wasn’t even Elphaba’s birthday at all. At least until class ended. Elphaba went to see Madame Morrible, but Dilamond had kept Glinda back for a second. “Miss Glinda, was Elphaba acting a bit..weird?” He asked. “No. Well… Maybe a little. It’s her birthday and she’s a bit anxious about me trying to get her to festivate it.” Glinda explained. “Oh? Ok. Well, even if she doesn’t, give her my best wishes, would you?”

“Ok.” Glinda said, walking away and going back to her room, being greeted by Elphaba. “Back so soon?” Glinda asked. “Is it that, or is it that you took a tiny bit of time talking with Dilamond and then spent the rest of the time staring at your reflection in the mirror?” Elphaba laughed drily. “Hey!” Glinda said, “I did not!”  “Well. You can surprise me.” Elphaba said. “Yes. I can.” Glinda flicked her leg upwards in an attempt to look cool(Glinda is very extra.); she then gave a toss of her hair and flopped down on her bed. “Are the Throp family a bit..what’s the word..testy?” She randomly asked. “Umm.. You could say that, but only if you were referring to Frexpar hating me. He is so annoying to me, but adores Nessarose.” Elphaba sighed. “Because Nessarose  is normal, he adores her. If I were normal, he’d adore me too..”  Glinda smiled awkwardly, “You aren’t strange. You’re  my Elphie. My beautiful, smart, kind and caring Elphie. I am dearly lucky to have you as a friend.” Glinda was not joking about how much she loved having Elphaba as a friend. “Thank you. I just feel like I’m unappreciated and unloved.” Elphaba smiled weakly. “But Nessie does love me. Frexpar just doesn’t realise I’m a human. He hates me to the core of his cruel, scheming body. I do realise he’s the governor of Munchkinland, but..”

Glinda plonked herself on Elphaba’s bed and stared into her deep brown eyes. “You really do like ranting about your father and how he apparently hates you, don’t you?” Glinda joked. Then, a knock of the door rang around the room.. “Oh no.. It’s..” Elphaba shuddered. “ f..ather… Frexpar..I know that knock..” Elphaba whispered. Glinda stared at her, wide eyed and unable to get the words that she desperately wanted to say out of her mouth…


Come back for part 3!!! 😊

My puppet

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Sapphire can rap, and sing Italian opera. She’s always writing raps-well I am more or less-but is very antisocial. She’s traumatised because I’m getting 2 new friends-birds actually-and apparently is going to try and make the birds hate her.. But I’m sure they’ll get on fine..! Sorry for the short blog. I couldn’t think of anything else about Sapphire.

How I became a ventriloquist

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2 lovely years ago, in 2018, I was watching a ventriloquist called Darci Lynne. I suddenly realised, “That is SO COOL!!” And truly and embarrassingly, I remember trying to do ventriloquism with my teddy bears. It never turned out well. I gave up on that for at least 2 or something years until this July, when I saw Darci again on my phone. I suddenly thought, “I remember her! I really wanted to become a ventriloquist again, so asked for one. And here I am now. With Sapphire, my sassy puppet who thinks that she’s the best person in the world. Now, from the day I received Sapphire and onward, I am training to become the best at ventriloquism that I possibly can. And that’s my story of how I became a ventriloquist. 🐺