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The fight for art…

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Jeff was a guy who ate bears and gave birth to a boy called Zach. Zach had a brother called Raife and they love art. They also love video games. They had good times and then… Leo the evil alien had plans to capture the kids and there art. Zach realised that Leo was a pig!!! Leo changed the art to pictures of him looking ‘hero like’ which he was none of. Zach used his notebook and things that he drew were flying out to kill Leo the silent (he was very silent!) Zach then made over powered things come out but were no match for Leo…

The chicken

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Last night I gave birth to a human chicken who liked bread and he wanted to swim in my bath. he likes sweeeeeeeets and caaandy he also eats chicken nuggets with me and he also goes to school in his pants. The chicken was also called Jeremy Pickles. He also ate bears and babies… He also gave birth to a bird called Jeffery pickles he also gave birth to chicken nuggets in his time. 😀

The adventures of Zdogg

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In the beginning Zach (or Zdogg) was laying down on the couch with his brother, Roman. Then they heard a BANG on the door. Zach went up to the door and got CAPTURED and got taken away to space. ”Lol is this a kind of prank bud?” the weird person responded ”Little earthlings are so pathetic” said the weird crazy guy. Zach was confused then when he pulled his mask down this made soooo much sense to him ”Now do you understand, my name is Jeff from Pig island” he surprised Zach with ”YOUR A PIG??, that’s hilarious” snorted Zach ”You don’t understand mwhahaha!” Laughed Jeff with his long white beard that Zach just noticed. ”I will soon take over the world!!!”