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The three Geodudes

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Once a day the three Geodudes go for and adventure of a lifetime; the adventure is to go to the planet called Geodudelandia which is 1,295,640,643,892 miles away. When they get to the said planet they need to fight giant squids and mini octopuses. After they slay the mythical beasts they need to go into the gumball castle to retrieve the legendary sword of rickytickytavy. If they fail they get sent to the shadow realm where they will get disintegrated into mini pixels and will be erased from existence and the whole galaxy will implode on itself.

The gifted child called Hugh

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Once upon a time,the was a child called Hugh and he was a gifted child.    He had the power to eat anything in the world. He can even eat a tank in one gulp. but he met his match when he came across a food that he couldn’t eat. It was a big mac from McDonalds and when he ate one he would puke everywhere and the fly into his house where his mother tells him off for eating a big mac.

The hand that found out its gender

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Once in 1,000,000 years a hand will be born into this planet called “earth.” When the hand is born it seeks its own gender so it can fulfil its destiny even though it is cross-gender. So carrying on from the story the said hand seeks wisdom from the great tree of genderness. When the hand gets to the great tree of genderness they need to answer a question and that said question is “Do you like Minecraft?” And all the hands say yes and they find out their gender but if the hand says no it gets burned in a pit of fire.

The Death Day [my first blog]

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In the beginning of 2068 Abby died because she smelt of peanut butter and she ate wall paper. A 10 year old boy called Oliver died because he killed 5 people and got the electric chair and a tall boy called Hugh died in 10 seconds because he went in the hunger games where people fight with what the find and if your the last one alive you get 2,000,000 pounds. Charlie,a 10 year old boy was so moist like a baby wipe his eyes and brain turned into water and he flopped onto the floor and died.