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In the begging of the end #part2

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 Jess and I were devastated at the result of the tsunami. ” Why are we living here. We should be with grandma Sue not here .”I  exclaimed “Soon we will be out of this dump “replied Jess. But That night I felt hope even though a tragedy happen just a few weeks ago, I felt weird. I ran to jess’s room “Are you ok what’s happened? Are you thinking of mum and dad! “Jess said worryingly “No  I just feel funny, I feel hope, I think Mum and Dad are still alive!” I said to Jess she thought I was silly but I think it is true

I know it ……….

in the beginning of the end.

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Today I got out of bed I felt today wasn’t going to be a good day  the beginning  started when there was a massive,gigantic tsunami flooded my home and changed my life entire life my parents past the only people were me and my sister we had to go to a care-home.

It started when dad yelled “TAKE COVER!” I looked out the windowAHHHHHHHHHHH!” mum dad rushed into mine and Jess’s bedroom but as they ran to the room but the tsunami caught them or so we thought……