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The Cat with powers !!! part 1

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Cats are not always as they seem. some are cheeky, some are quiet, some are loud and some have powers !!!!  There once was a very silly cat it did the opposite of what its owner tells him . This Cat had a white nose, a tabby patch on his back and his head was tabby. His name was sparky . At Christmas sparky and his sister (Petal) love to play chase and run around the Christmas tree.

One day sparky and petal were playing chase and the Christmas lights cable was hanging down from the tree and petal got to closer and closer to the cable and her leg got stuck ……

The Bad Laptop ( part 2 )

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The Gibbon made a very angry face as he went to press the button that made Siri come up originally .

” Hello  ” Siri   announced

” ohh ohh ohhh ahahahah ” the monkey exclaimed

”  I have told you before I do not speak gibberish ” siri said a little annoyed

” ohh ah ah ah oh oh oh ah ” the monkey  exclaimed looking very angry

” good bye ”

“ohohohhohohohoahahahahahahhhhhaaa” the Gibbon said with a very angry face

The Gibbon thought if he should try again but he would get the same answer so he didn’t .

The moral of the story ask a friend before you start to smash up a lap tops.

The bad laptop

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“What is this strange, shiny electronic thing? ” The  Gibbon asked with a very confused face. The  Gibbon had never seen a laptop before so he didn’t know what to do with it.  He pressed every button on the key board until !!!!

” Hello ” Siri said.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”  the gibbon screamed with surprise as he threw the laptop across the room .

“pick don’t hurt up ouch please.  Bite don’t I ” Siri said sounding very broken .The

Gibbon picked the laptop up  cautiously and exclaimed

“Ooh ooh ooh ah ah”

“Sorry I don’t  speak gibberish” Siri commented.