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the mysterious bone home

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One morning , my sister called lily , elisia and Freya all went missing they went to the park and ment to come home before 9;00 but they didn’t. Mum and me went to the park to look for them and there was no sign of them.We looked everywhere and the Ellie fell down a hole and led to a bone home where¬† Freya lily and elisia were. But not just that but something lived in the strange bone home a rally strange creature that is making loads of noice.

the weird pipe

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Once was family who was moving into a HAUNTED house. When the lived there for a few days (2or3 days) they could hear a pipe moving side to side. There could be a snake up there or any living animal they went to look what it was. They couldn’t see , so they went back into the house it moved again and again and again so they got fed up of it .Once they damaged the pipe and it was a snake not any snake but a dragon snake they kept it because it was sweet. They put it in a box .

night later

it ascaped oh noo


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One lovely summer day there was this family , they used to be a statue in Town but that wasn’t real they were fake just standing there frozen.So one day the went to estate agent and bought a house in Hythe and lived there for the rest of their lives. 1 year later they bought a chimna so they can burn their family pictures the husband said ”i’m braking up with you u burned my favourite picture ” the wife said ”sorry ard ” she was rude.So she carried on until the baby / toddler said ” hate u mummy u burned my favourite picture. So he moved out with his dad.

the creepy hand

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hello people a hand with a UGLY face it has accaped my house it was a statue on the unit but it suddenly turned alive. The parents didn’t know were it has gone so if us see it plz call this number 123456789 don’t call this number if u haven’t seen him. thank u.


The Angry Monkey

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On Thursday, the monkey got a new laptop and thought it was really cool once he went on it he was happy.But he didn’t know what to do with it at first but suddenly he got the hang of it and didn’t want anyone to go on it and mess it up.He wanted to add some more things on the laptop like Instagram , Snapchat¬†, Facebook and a few monkey games.He couldn’t get any of those things on there so he started to break everything and few the laptop across the sitting room.Once his wife came in she was shocked what happened.