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Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink

First thing on Saturday morning (after breakfast and getting dressed  of course) I rode my bicycle out to the woods. Next, because I got muddy, I had a bath and I threw a Lush bath bomb in which made it pink and somehow bubbly. Though it only lasted a minute or so because I was so muddy. After that my mind was empty of ideas of what to do so I eventually just played on my iPad and did this blog.

And that’s my recount of Saturday.

The boy in the woods: part 3 (The end)

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The man stood there, somehow alive. I came out of my shelter and finished him off. the legends say that he would return if I didn’t retrieve the secret diary. I ran down a secret passage that I made and it followed the legends maps to the chamber it was supposed to be in. I hoped that the legends were true, if not I made the tunnel for nothing. To my relief the legends were indeed true, but it was locked. I reached out with all my senses and cracked the code and the diary was retrieved.

The last one

Choose your own way

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So this idea literally came out of nowhere. I have a book like this so this isn’t going to be 100 words because of all the different ways. But it might be 100.

Far, far away right now this is what is happening, and your linked to it. 


Uzzacka (a planet)

space- Your space craft is damaged and the oxygen supply is running out. You need to get to the artificial gardens where the space suits are recharging. If you want to survive you need to go through the air lock…

Uzzacka- You are a normal person in the middle of the supernova, a place located underground, opposite incarnation, which are tow opposing company’s.


The boy in the woods: Part 2…(hopefully)

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Get ready for another terrific tale from WilliamS (I hope the last one was not that bad by the way and, if it was, sorry😁)

The man stared at William, a supprised look about his face. The man tried to get him, who knows what for?, but each time William always escaped him. Whilst William was embracing another attack, the man lit the explosives. “Uh oh” William said rushing to the nearest shelter suitable for an explosion. “3 2 1,” the man said not bothering to find a shelter. ‘BOOM!!!’ the light blinded him (William) but somehow the man survived…

The boy in the woods: Part 1…

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This is perhaps the worst story a I ever have made in my whole life, it’s just a wonderful warning 🙂 .

On day William went out for a stroll to the lake. He packed up his things and walked into woods, not knowing what lied in wait for him. Half the way to the lake he bumped into a stranger, dare he know that his fate laid in this fellows hands. He followed this strange bloke deeper into the wood. The man he was following went to a shack and bought something out that looked like TNT. I ran over just quick enough to stop him lighting it…

The new year ‘dong’ at big ben.

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Happy new year!!!

I ran down the stairs and packed up my stuff, ready for going to London. “Happy new year,” I shouted. In the next half an hour we had all packed up our things and started loading the car. Dad dropped some luggage and then fell over and sat on it 😆. In an hour or so we arrived at London. We drove all the way up to big ben “wowsers” I said, the light blinded him (my brother). Just then it happened, big ben chimed new years day.


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“I cannot wait till I get to do some more blogging” I love blogging I try to do at least one blog a day. Blogging is my favourite thing to do in my spare time.

Thank you those who choose to blog in their own time 🙂

Leave me alone!

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I am definitely a culprit of saying this so let’s go for a real story.

Finley, my cousin was annoying me and I didn’t like it. “Leave me alone” I groaned. “No!” Finley shouted back in my face. “Yes.” “Fine.” phew peace and quiet at last I thought.

This is a story from Lapland (really I made it in Lapland which is in Finland by the way.  I also based it in Lapland too.  : )

A list of completely irrelevant stuff :)

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Bananas are yellow,

We are human,

Funny enough oranges are orange.

I like blogging,

This is really irrelevant so please stop reading.

I am weird for making this blog,




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Hello and welcome to Christmas eve in lapland. I’m just about to go snow mobeling. Weeee, that was awesome. Now let’s go see santa, come on. Wow, Santa’s workshop, this is incredible wow, let’s play with the elves. Santa gave me a space ship toy. (everyone starts giggling).

Now, I’ll see you when next when Santa’s come round and delivered all of his presents.

See you later!!!