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There was once a small, grey gibbon. One day someone took the gibbon home and a catastrophe happened. When the gibbon got home he found a office and he found a £250 computer, he found a image of a deadly predator, the tiger and threw the computer off of the desk and he got told off. When the monkey got told off he got abandoned in the forest, the monkey was found the day and he became FAMOUS!!!!. The man then tried to get the monkey back but someone had already found him and he had to go find another one.


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Once upon a time, there was a boy an average boy his name was Joe. Joe was a very shy child, he had a pet which was a grey,silky tabby cat, Joe was listening to the news when he heard about a tiger who broke out of the zoo, and it was his birthday today and he was meant to be going to the zoo but , now he couldn’t because it was closed and he went swimming instead. While we was driving to swimming we saw the tiger and we couldn’t move so THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!