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My unusual walk to school NUMBER 4

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So this is my Blogs about my walks to school. you’ve seen my all my walk to school blogs . If you haven’t read now .  there are so amazing please comment . I love to do my blogs . Ok let’s start. SO I was just walking to school and a saw a snake and he could talk. her name was Gabby and her friend was a cat called Eva. Then I saw Miss Addleton she cycled to school on a lovely bike.   Before , that there was a random clock ON THE ROAD. Then, I got into school and Mrs Hall took my home work star and I went out for English.

Walking to school Again for an unusual walk

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So you’ve heard of my walks to school. It has been so long that my strange walks to school are unusual . So guess what happened . It happened to me today not a surprise . I was walking with Gabby and Amiee when we came a cross a snake (that was red) that had cycled to school. We said that was a bit weird but I can’t say that because it has happened to me all week . That’s a bit bad for a week.Before I got into class I forgot my home work . Then I looked a the  clock and it was 12 o’clock and that how my week ended . I  can’t believe this I’ll wait until Monday . BYE

Tell you tomorrow about my very unusual walk to school!!!!!!!!

Walking to school (part two)action!!

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I can’t believe what happened to me last week when I saw a red snake that was looking peckish.all I did was walk away.But, it happend  to me today. So, it’s Monday again, I was walking to school with my friend Amiee.We were talking about things we did on the weekend when we came across Mrs Adlleton that had cycled on the road.Beside me wheel was a cat. The catlike very how can you say it uh uh ….ravenous. Before we knew it, the cat ate the red snake in one whole. That was werid . Then we got to school. We looked at the clock and it was the end of the day.So I spent my whole day walking to school  I am out of my mind .

(Please don’t happen tomorow ) please please. Oh wait i just realised its going to happen tomorow Horay ( I am not exited at all)

bye see you for another Werid day walking to school.


Walking to school.

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I looked at the clock.It was time to go to school on a Monday morning( boring) when I saw a red snake he looked very peckish and was trying to eat a mouse.Before I knew it , I was at school.My friend Gabby cycled to school . I told her about what I saw it was very very werid day for me .

I hope it doesn’t happen again tomorow!!!!!! I got in to class and thought  what happened to me and I was not sure . What could happen tomorow………… Maybe there a big dinosaur with big teeth and big feet to destroy the road. It must be my amazing imagination .!!!!!!!!!!

The hand (horror)

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This a normal blog. Not really its a horrible blog about a naughty hand. Ok this is the start.So,this horror story isn’t like,any other .Its in  school and theirs a girl called gabby.She was friends with to girls Atlanta and Ella.But, they found something that could change the world!!!!!! The found……..a hand. You would think its a hand and its normal but, this hand is a zombie hand that likes drinking blood

The bad thing is that he wasent sweet .He was so rude that they locked in their cuboard behind their door .They didn’t know what to do.So, they teamed up to find where he came from. Then they found out where he came from.he came from……. But, before finding out h e jumped and drank their blood.


THAT’S THE END (or is it) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’ll get you again.


MY monkey

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My monkey is a bit cheeky and a bit usual. His name is Garry. He loves bananas. But, he doesn’t like computes. Especially. YouTube. He gets angry and throw  it of the table and starts to cry. He hats it so much one time he broke his computer .Then, I had to buy a new one so he could lay his games after lunch. He is very funny and never makes the house messy. He  has a little monkey called bob and always play with him every day .I like my monkey . H e is so cute and fluffy . I love him

Eleanor the girl and a adventure

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Long time ago in a  village far away lived a girl called Eleanor. She was a kind girl .She had  a best friend called Ella . They were both naughty . Their hair was blue and they always do gymnastics every day after school .They both lived in a cottage far from the town square. But, the bad thing was that they had a worst enemy  . charlotte the demon. She met them when they went to school. Then, they got  a tiger and called her Freya . The tiger was blocking our Escape in the town square and we had to find her.


Mya the tiger

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Once upon a time, in a place far, lived a girl.   Her name was Charlotte . She lived in a circus with her mum  and dad. She loved the circus so much that they got a tiger. They called her Mya. She was very friendly . But, a bit vicious .  She always hides behind one of the rides. Then one day, Mya got stuck . She was very angry. She is in a old fashioned lift . Then we fell down . There was an massive hole in the wall . But, the tiger was blocking our escape. They  were stuck . Then, they found way out . They found a escape .