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my painful life by by charliep

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in the beginning,in year 4 my hand got slammed in the door and I went to a&e . my hand was swirling up and I had to have a sling on my hand.

In year 5 my head got slammed into a chair and my eye  was swurl up it hurt very much .

in year 6 my hand got slammed into the doorand my nail fell off at my house and it hurt {it was by me} I went to a&e with my mum and my granddad .they put 2 injections in my hand and pushed it back in to were it should be


a new sculpture

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there was a sculpture built in Christchurch in new Zealand wich looks like Donald trump but made into a hand but people didn’t like it because it moves in the night and CREEPS people out !!!

in that night,the hand jumped down and crept in to peoples house and takes all there stuff and in the morning he was missing everybody was scared so they made a 911 call to the emergency service and they came all the department and they find the hand but nobody was there.

Mr Jongys business

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Once open a time there lived a man his name was mr jongy he had a business place . He had a pet that was a monkey,he was mischief.

Mr Jongy had opened a new business.His pet monkey goes to work with him.the monkey’s name was John.One day he went to the office with his father. but he was very naughty because he drunk his dads coffee and he pushed the company’s computer.When they went home he got told off my his dad and was never aloud to the business again. “im so sorry dad I will never do some like that again”