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bad sam

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once apon a time there was a snake named Sam the snake he was a blue snake with pointy and fierce red spikes. sam is a very bad snake he likes stealing sweets from shops.before the clock struck midnight the snake cycled around the whole town  on a bike and stole every sweet in sight from the easland sweet shop he was very selfish and he never thought of anyone but himself just you think  of all the children that turn up and see not a sweet in there tiny little eye they would be so so so so  devestated

the hand of terror

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The hand of terror might look scary in pictures and photos. but does that mean it is scary in real life? I hope I am right about this but to be honest  I am probably the only one that knows . he looks scary but in real life he is not. because every  one thinks he is scary  he has no friends .I promise to you he has not come here to terrorise  us guys if you  really  get to know the hand you could actually become his friend in about 3 to 4 minutes  with would make him very very  very pleased .

Mr sandwitch

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once there was a sandwich that needed batteries really bad for his new toy remote control car.The sandwitch was made with white bread.

Luckly he was very energetic .He was exra  energetic becease  he really wanted the batteries for his remote control car that he got for his birthday.


whenever he wanted to get something and there was only 1 left he always  hurried to get it before someone else does. He was so determined to get them for his car . But he saw a golden hot wheels remote control car it was 3 feet long and 2 feet tall MUM PRETTY PLEASE.