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I don’t want that colour mum!

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Today,we went to the paint store and bought the paint for my room,

I wanted purple as the colour so i asked my mum and dad to get me purple paint for my room.They said no,i can’t have it I can have beige because they want it to match with everything and to look more posh.I also asked for a carpet n my room I wanted it blue and guess what?They said no i can’t have grey and i said but mum that’s the wrong colour I don’t want that colour!I want blue and purple as my room not grey!

I am so cross…

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Today,I was in the park with my friends, when some one came and told me that they had been going behind my back and talking to them.I am so cross,they would never do that. I’m furious.I’m scared of what could happen in the future.And what my life will be like, a lie?A  life any one had never heard of ?I don’t know,what is my life?

The next day,I had told my teacher my troubles and worries.

I don’t care what people think of me I can get people to like me,my own way;don’t mind me I’m just being me,people.

The Ship Wreck

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A few years ago, A girl named Alya  was on the deck of the Arcadia( a new ship) as she was looking out into the horizon she saw a mysterious shadow.The dusty plant pots started to rustle and the wind picked up; everyone started to scream as the ship tilted from side to side. the boat creaked and started to go down…

There were screams of terror and people crying in fear. Alya soon discovered the boat was going down .



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Today,we are going live on Britain’s Got Talent,as an Acapella group! Later that day we hopped in the mini bus and drove to London.

We were in the middle of auditioning when Simon Cowell cut our performance in front of the whole world,He said that it was completely out of tune…

We were so embarrassed. We had practised for months-years actually,we were devastated all of that work for nothing!

One year later…

It happened again, this time it wasn’t Simon! This time it was Amanda!

We went home and perfected and practiced .

We went back in five years time, perfect!

The Haircut!

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I woke up this morning , I needed a hair cut ! So i got up ,got dressed and jumped in the car and i drove to the hair dressers .I sat in the chair and waited for them to be finished but then i relised that i had eggs on my t-shirt! They were done finally and they had done my fringe wrong!

I went home and washed my black t-Shirt then the lights started flickering i didn’t take much notice untill everyting went BLACK…

I was terrified and i didn’t know what to do ,I curled up on the sofa…

The light bulb

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In a dusty,gloomy woods lived a old witch.No lights, no windows, just a shed !                        she didn’t like any thing that normal people have, she wasn’t exactly normal …

another day …

a girl from across the city went for a ‘nice’ stroll in the woods …

suddenly, she came across the witches hut …

she found part of a light bulb on the floor , she walked in the shed and thought it was very bare  to her eyes it was pitch black, she remembered she hd the light bulb, so she took it out of her bag and found the cord and there ,finished.

A awesome night!

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Tonight, I have a party and everyone is coming.But when i was texting people i made a mistake,I sent it to a celebrity!And guess what they said…

YES…                                                                                                                                       I couldn’t believe it ,she even arrived at my door,with a hard knock.                         KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

It was like everything to me it was Ariana Grande,the famous singer at my door!                   She litteraly arrived in a limo!The shock was high.We started with kareoke and a pint of lemonade.We stayed up until 9am. I gave her the spare room downstairs, she even put me in one of her music videos.I’m exhasted.

We are on tv!

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I woke up with the noise of my phone beeping. It was from a tv company saying; turn the tv on and watch the first commercial! So I quickly rushed to my tv and pressed the on button and I could not believe my eyes… I was on the new iPhone Z commercial…It was amazing ! I looked on facebook and everyone had put brilliant comments about me , I was beginning to become famous,the commercial went viral in only 2 minutes flat ,shows how much they love the iPhones.  Later that day I got a call from  Ellen from the Ellen show saying she would love me to be on her show!! This is my chance to become a celeb! So I agreed to it ! I drove down to the studio right away! I went as one person and came out another!

A mysterious happen!

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In a mysterious woods, lied a mysterious tree. That tree had all its leaves, but not all of its body.One day a biker came along and wasn’t looking ,without a dash…He crashed! There were no chance of surviving that.A few years later the bike was wedged between the gnarled tree.The bike rusted from all the rain and the vines of the tree had grew over it.It was like it was eating it!The broken chain was hanging on the side of the tree,rotting. The more it rains, the more it rusts.Poor little fellow.