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banana boy

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one day I woke up ,got dressed an then I started to walk to school . once I got to school I walked inside and started to read my book about super heroes , I always wished to become a super hero and every day I would pretend to play super heroes with my friends . after school I started to walk to back home by myself in the corner of my eye I saw something as it flew towards me I couldn’t see what it was . as it hit me I fell to the ground and fell asleep for half an hour . when I woke up I looked at my hands they had turned yellow . i quickly walked home with my hood up so nobody could see me . when i got home i ran upstairs into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror … I got sooo scared when i figured out I looked like a banana !!! all of a sudden i heard a very loud bang i looked out my window and i saw someone trying to break into my house . i felt something in my pocket i pulled them out and they where bananas . i squeezed them and bananas shot the robber and knocked him out .

its Christmas time !

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lots of presents under the tree,

roast dinner figeeĀ  pudding,

sleepy children all in bed,

Christmas cards are all read,

when the children spring from bed.



I went to the movie with my friend

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me and Theo had just seen the new release of the Grinch. I started to see news reporters and I thought we must of been the first people to see the film and I got on TV .

a day in Fortnite !

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Bath clumsily orange fighter dance

One peace day in FORTNITE we decided to go to tilted towers with all my friends , the BOSSES of the world ! I went to a clock tower . Then I started to be attacked by a fighter and fell into an orange bath end done a funny dance . Then I clumsily fell into a golf cart .