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hermione and ron weasley kill dobby

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one day Neville told harry that the fat lady had been  kidnapped but how did she just disappear said Neville but the fat lady whould just scream. the next day was terrible because I got sad of Sirius black so I kept on giving him flowers because Bellatrix lestrange killed him AKA murded him. the next day snape teached us how to do a magic duel I did it against ron I WON harry did it against Malfoy harry won. hi ron percy told us that hermione kicked  yo butt.  the next day was sad because  gilderoy lockhart  took me to detention because  I was backfired people and I backfired professor mgonaggall. how on earth did you do that said Ronald. now dolores Umbridge sacked Dumbledore to azcaban.  did the killing curse on dobby the house elf  whos been free but I don’t care said hermione.